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Survivor now adopting

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Hey Everyone! I was just 17 when I was diagnosed with stage 2 Rhabdomyosarcoma. I underwent 35 radiation treatments and 18 rounds of chemo. Sadly the chemo left me infertile killing all of my eggs. My husband and I got married 2 years after remission and began fertility treatments when I was 21 because we knew it would be a long hard journey. After 3 years and five rounds of fertility injections to help regrow eggs it is official that I am infertile and would need an egg donor to get pregnant. My husband and I thought/prayed about it for a long time. We strongly felt a calling to adopt so we are. We are so excited to be parents and have a family. We are adopting domestically out of San Diego in the early stages.

Anyone else go through chemo and adopt later in life?

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Congrats to you and your husband...I wish you and your family the best! Amanda

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I'm not quite sure how it feels to be infertile but I do know that I am adopted and it's the greatest gift anyone could ever offer. If you have any questions on how the child may react to being adopted and stuff feel free to ask me. I had a talk with a couple a few months ago that were going through the finalization of adopting and they had a billion questions. I don't mind talking about it so feel free to ask away :)
And congratulations again!


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