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Hey guys it's Shannon. Sorry I haven't been on at all in the past few months, just been busy moving and stuff.

Just an update on my dad. About two months ago he had an appointment and the doctor says that the cancer is responding to chemotherapy which means it has a good chance of going into remission. This was a huge load off of my shoulders since I moved 1600 miles away and left him in Florida.

I think the hardest part about me moving is the way his chemotherapy is set up. He goes for two weeks and then he's off for a week and the cycle starts right back over. It's hard to call and talk to him and find out that he hurts all over or he can't stand to be awake because the pain is so bad. Any ideas on how I can possibly get him to talk about a better topic since I'm not there right now to help him physically?


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Hey Shannon.

Any updates??

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