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Can milk cause phlegm??

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Right now JR is having trouble again swallowing. It seems to be phlegm, mucous.

Kathy could never reach the Dr but did get the nurse who said for Jr to stop drinking milk with ovaltine. She said the Ovaltine is fine but not the milk.

No milk products of any kind.

Can milk cause this????

Please not only read this but pray also, he needs relief for this stuff to go down or come up and my mama is crying and all upset she needs so much prayer, I'm so concerned for her as well as she is 91.

update: I just googled in milk and phlegm and did find an article here: http://voices.yahoo.com/does-milk-increase-phlegm-production-635524.html

So I guess milk products are bad for mucous.

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I know that milk isn't great for me when I've got a cold with phlegm. I would imagine the same would be true for EC patients.

Hoping for the best for Ray! I'm sure Kathy is frantic and frustrated....

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The Mayo Clinic states that milk causes existing phlegm to thicken but it does not cause more phlegm.



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Rose, I can imagine what your mom is going through. No one wants to see their child suffering. It's our baby no matter what the age. She, Jr and you are being prayed for. I know that you know the Lord is with you always,holding your hand and giving you comfort. He loves you,

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Rickie always had problems with phlegm from milk. This made it really hard when he was only able to get liquids down. His doctor prescribed a medication that lessened the mucous secretions. I believe it is also given to patients who are undergoing surgery so they don't create so much mucous. Maybe Jr.'s wife can ask the doctor about this. It really seemed to help Rickie. I have noticed that Boost comes in a clear peach flavored drink now and Ensure just came out with a clear drink as well. Perhaps this would work for him as well. I will keep Jr. and all of your family in my prayers.
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My mom definitely feels milk makes the phlegm worse. She just bought the clear Boost in a blueberry\pomegrantie flavor. Hope she likes it

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In reading as much as I can about EC, I did read an article explaining how this does happen. My husband loved milk but now he drinks Clear Ensure which tastes good....comes in several favors. He loves the pomegranate with its 9 grams of protein and various minerals. It also comes in strawberry, peach, and vanilla I believe. More and more stores are now carrying this.

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