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Mom's latest Onc appt

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Hi everyone.
I just wanted to post a little good news for Mom. She saw the oncologist on Monday and he said she was doing wonderful. So much so that he doesn't want to see her again until January :) He also wants to hold off on another pet scan until January, which would make eight months since the last one. We are both really happy about this news.
This month marked the two year anniversary since the colostomy surgery. She is handling all of this just fine, like the trooper she is. I'm just so thankful that she is still here in my life. I would be lost without her. She turns 81 on August 1st and shows no signs of slowing down physically or mentally.
She went down to Orlando to visit my brother along with her two sisters over the 4th of July and had a lot of fun. It was our first time away from each other and I know she was a little scared but she found out she could do it. (Plus I only live 4 hours from there, lol)
So that is all for now. Thank you to everyone who has been there for us on this journey. Just knowing I could ask a question about anything and get the answer along with much love and support has meant more than you will know.
I don't often post here but I check in almost daily to see how everybody is doing. And Mom says her p*****s for everyone on the board.
Well, thanks for listening. I think of you all and hope and wish for only good health to everyone.
Linda and Mom (Miss Ellie)

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What wonderful news! So very happy to hear that all is going so well for all.

Never had a doub that Miss Ellie would do just fine.


Marie who loves kitties

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Have a big hug Linda!
Miss you here!

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Thank you too for your support and hugs. You are a truly amazing person. The way you keep track of everyone and when someone hasn't been on the board, you are the first one to check on them. Thank you for everything Pepe. Miss you.
Love and hugs,
Linda and Mom

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Hey Miss Marie,
You have been here from day one for us. Thank you again for all of your "hugs" and support. Linda and Mom.
PS, we just adopted two little kitties. I'll try and figure out how to post a picture. :)

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Linda and Miss Ellie, wooohooooo. Great News, thanks for sharing.
Many more days/years of NED.

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Thank you Miss Judy. I appreciate your comments. I wish you and your family all the best.
Linda and Mom

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That is great! It will be 2 years since I had surgery with permanent colostomy also. I had my check up yesterday and everything is good cea .09 I wish me Onc told me to come back on 6 months! I'm still on a 3 month schedule!

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Hi Grace,
Thank you for responding. I'm glad your checkup went well. I hope the next onc visit will put you in the 6 month category :) I'm sure it will. We will keep you in our thoughts and hope you will post that soon.
Thanks again.
Linda and Mom

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You 2 have always been here for me.......always got my back.....feel your support always...thank you so much for that! So happy for great news! You both take care and we be comparing GOOD reports again!


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Wonderful. Now maybe you all can relax a bit. Best regards with prayers, Jamie

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Love to hear good news, congratulations, go out and celebrate!!!

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Miss Ellie's experience sounds just like mine. Read "6 months". We all need to hear the good news. Verry happy for you both! Hugs as well.

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That is wonderful news and you both should be very pleased. It's nice that she can now get a little break from appointments. Now she can do a happy dance.


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Thank you everyone for your notes and support. We appreciate you all and just hope everyone will get good news or at least a break like we are.
Take care,
Linda and Mom

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Just wonderful news, Linda...all the best to mom and you.

-Heart C

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