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Coloring Hair

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Glad to be done
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I have heard different things about coloring your "new" hair. I have been coloring my hair for years because of gray so I just know it is going to come back gray. I was just talking to my hair dresser today about when I can get it colored and she said anytime. Now I have read you have to wait 6 months and I have read you have to wait one year. I will wear a wig before I will be seen publicly with gray hair. I don't mind it being short but do not want to be gray.

Does anybody color their hair? If so how long did you wait?

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I colored my hair BC, but do not now. Regardless of the hair color product, they contain many chemicals that contribute to the toxic burden in the body, which contributes to cancer risk. Even my medical oncologist stopped coloring her hair, citing that the chemicals are an unnecessary addition to cancer risk.

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It's natural and doesn't contain chemicals. It comes in many colors.

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kimberly sue 63
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I have heard many different answers to your question. I too want to reduce my cancer risk....but the loss of my hair was really traumatic and continues to be traumatic for me. I'll do a lot to reduce my risk, but not coloring my hair is not an option. My hair dresser said as soon as i start getting new hair she'll color it for me. In her salon, their massage therapist had breast cancer and as soon as she had enough new hair they started coloring it for her. Kim

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