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Good News - NED

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I wanted to update you all on Rocky. We are at the 9 month marker in this battle (full story in the about me section). Rocky is on a "lighter" version of Chemo and has beed NED since late January. We went for a repeat PET scan this week and today the doctor told us it was again NED. We are thrilled and so blessed! It is hard to believe that in October they told us he had 6-9 months to live and today he is in remission. Today the doctor talked in terms of years not months? I am almost afraid to be that hopeful. I am trying to be present in today and not get to far ahead of myself. I know that stage IV is terminal but so far we are way ahead of where they said we would be. Rocky eats anything he wants, goes to work everyday and feels really well except on chemo week. It is hard to believe that the cancer is as advanced as they say and he feels and looks so good. The doctor said today we will stay on course with this maintenance dose of chemo every three weeks, and retest in three months. We are thankful, blessed, and relieved that this round of testing is over.

Husband Rocky
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DX 10/2011

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Hi Cindy,
I am so very pleased for you both. Well done Rocky!
Whatever it is you are doing, it seems to be working so may God keep you safe for the future.
It is really amazing to get good news in our family so hats off to you both and thanks so much for sharing your wonderful news.
Bless you both.
Hugs and prayers

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This is very exciting news! I wonder if the radiation was what made such a difference for Rocky. I'm just so happy to hear results like these especially for a Stage IV.
All the best to you both!

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Well girl - you put a big huge smile on my face!!! I love to read news like Rocky's - I am thrilled. This is just great stuff right here. Actually we don't get to read a lot of great news like yours and you've been here longer than we have - so you know yourself how much this means to all of us.

Congratulations and tell Rocky to continue FEC'g!


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Congratulations for Rocky's NED.
You can exhale now.....that sigh of relief! I'm sure you were holding your breath waiting to hear those results.
Thanks for sharing. It's always nice to hear good news like yours.


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What wonderful News, Maybe the doctors need to look into the treatment they gave Rocky. Could the extra rad. be the reason for the Ned?

So glad today is so bright for the two of you. Enjoy every minute of it!

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