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To Pete

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Just wanted to say, please keep posting your journey, we are urged to vent and if we don't like what is being vented, we should not be made to feel bad about it, should be read and if not liked, just go on. I DO not believe chemo is the answer, it kills as much as it might cure. My belief, supplements, juicing which I do won't keep me alive from the cancer probably, but it is my choice...tolerance of others going thru this journey and someday someone like Pete, John, may have the answer, till medical professions investigates, we are all in the same boat....bless all of you, but everyones decisions are personal and not to be critiqued if you don't agree. Good luck to all. Pat

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Well said.

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Amen. The controversies chased me off the boards as well as the personal criticisms. I'm much happier since I've been off them. Everyone has an opinion. I'm trying health, I'm trying drugs, I'm trying yoga, walking, just plain doing things for people to build up happy hormones. I'm even looking into chinese medicine. I'll pop on sometimes but really, I need to keep up my spirits in a good way and so does everyone else. We're all in the same boat.

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I say try everything you want and dont try anything you dont want to. People always say get a second opinion, well what they dont realize is most cancer patients are seeing about 5-7 Doctors. How many opions do you need to know you have cancer. You just have to decide what treatment you are willing to do. My husband is the one with cancer and I support whatever he wants to do.

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it is best not to start the controversy to begin with. This has happened over and over and over and always by the same people. Perhaps that is why the very frequent posters, not those that just post when they want something, who have been around for a few years on this board simply do not post. It gets old.


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I love controversy! We can agree to disagree...That makes us a free spirits!
Peace to all

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Nana b
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Yes, indeed!

Tragedy is our famous posts and get much attention, how about we give attention to each other while we are still alive. I have also been in the middle of the naturopath way, the supplement and juicing way and some people don't want to hear it. Let's focus on living and sharing our journeys. It doesn't matter if you think that it's right or wrong, what ever one is doing. Move on and carry on if you don't like the discussion.

So much for my little peak today...

Pete, tell me about you CEA, I find out Tuesday how I'm responding to Xeloda. I'm almost ready to get away to a sanctuary!

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I have found that there is as much art as science with lots of opinions along the way. We have not totally explored the naturopathic medicine. I feel each of us has a choice to make and if our passion leads to sharing we should accept it as just that without judgement. If it is not our cup of tea then we can move on. Controversy and drama may not be best...

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I just find it interesting to read about what lengths 'some' CRC survivors will go to in their endeavours to beat this disease. Some may work and help to prolong their lives.

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It did not help, I cancelled the cable and started what's become a very healthy obsession only in my opinion.

I Don't miss thec able, neither do the kids. So much more in life to achieve.


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I am sitting getting my vit c here, with a chunk of cash in my pocket to payoff the credit card.
I got lots of work done on weekend.
I have to face my challenges , sometimes our crc distracts us from business and family.
It's a juggle, life is. I almost dropped the balls.
But they are all still in the air.

You said what I felt, so thanks.

Our board is great, we all share, vents and joys, whatever. I say better out than in, irony have a therapist, but in somewaus I do. It's you guys. All the replies, even challenging ones I love.

I have learnt to smile and take it on the chin. It's a good skill to have when crc is in my life.

So financial planning is an essential part of planning our cancer success plan. Whatever that is.


Ps another conference metametrix on fatty acids eta in Atlanta on 25August. That's my birthday.
If I fix my business problems and have good cashflow, I will go. It's a great goal.

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Great posts enjoy your positive attitude.

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The comment made about the tofu and kids was a joking remark. My daughter was eating that and made some good things with it. What I'd commented on was not a negative remark but a great remark that you are trying to help everyone on this board with your trials. The comment just came out wrong. Sorry buddy, you are a great asset to this board.

Hugs! Kim

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