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Dr. Daniela Molena at JH

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Good morning~ This is more specifically for our "ace researcher", William. Dr. Moleana, at Hopkins, does the MIE. As a good reference librarian I should do this myself, but frankly I'm on vacation and a little sick of EC at the moment! After the 12 hour day I had going from the beach to Baltimore, and then back again, I'm tired! :) But all went well, he got his first infusion of not ciplantin but the other one(will look up name later) and has the fanny pack of the 5FU which won't be for 96 hours, but instead continuously. The doc said given Dave's age he really wants to hit this hard. So all in all it was good day. Back home looking at the ocean, would love to stay another week! William if you do have time to do a little sleuthing, it would be much appreciated!


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Hi Both,

Jeff had FOLFOX - Oxaliplatin - Leuvocorin - 5FU

The 5FU is continuous - worn for 6 weeks straight.

Also my two cents on the surgeon in question. She was not at John Hopkins last September, Dr. Yang operated on Jeff. We had asked if MIE was an option, he said that since Jeff had a prior abdomen surgery he would suggest against it. He also said they were looking to hire an MIE specialist. I am assuming the new doc is the surgeon you have listed. My opinion is that the 1# hospital in country would have good draw for top docs. I am sure William can sleuth the details out for you :)


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