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When to stop driving?

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My wife is having problems with her balance, speech and some other issues which have made me concerned enough for her driving that I now 'volunteer' to drive her when she needs/wants to go somewhere.

It's a difficult subject, because while asking her if I can drive her, I might as well be saying "you're not well enough to drive because the pressure on your brain stem is causing you to react slowly and that's not safe for others on the road, nor is it a good sign of your currenct situation."

Wordy, but that's what it feels like I'm doing. Has anyone else had to deal with this situation? How did you resolve it? Yank the keys? Keppra? What do you do?

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I am assuming that your wife has had or is having seizures being controlled by Keppra,
surprising you doctor has not pulled her liscense. Most states have laws regarding seizures, like
they have to be so many month seizure free to beable to drive.
Think how bad she would feel if she was driving and injured or killed another person, because
she chose to drive, knowing she is not well. Consult with her physician about her driving- this
may help.

My son did not drive for 3 months in Minnesota, he had to be seizure free before being
allowed to drive again. Neuro- makes the decision. Check with your state.


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I had my tumor removed in September 2011 and only started driving again in April of this year. I still have some problems with depth perception and some days my memory becomes foggy. I was driving 2 weeks after my surgery and my gp gave me the riot act. No one told me not to drive but once she pointed out the cognitive issues I was/am having it all made sense not to drive for a while. She didn't officially pull my licence but we had the agreement that I would not drive until cleared my a doctor. Since April I have only driven at night twice and in the rain three times. After I am very tired from concentrating which is still something I have issues with. I have improved since my surgery and my doctor told me to build up slowly. I started driving to the corner store during the day. I still have days when I feel like something is off and I do not drive. I keep thinking of how I would feel if I had an accident. Also something to think about what would an insurance company do if there was an accident and they found out she had a brain tumor? I felt helpless for the 7 months that I could not drive and had to rely on other ppl to drive me places. It is a huge reality check of what is happening when you cannot do something so natural like driving. Your independence is gone and you realise that this tumor has changed your life even if it is something so simple as driving you are still reminded even more so everyday that you cannot do something. Do you go to her appointments with her? If you do can you lightly bring up the question of driving?

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your doctor can order a driving test in a simulation setting at the nearest rehab center, she will get a written assesment of her results including recommendation to stop driving. This is very useful and gets you out of the "bad guy" role.

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