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where are hizzy fitz and nancy

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have not seen thses 2 ladies for awhile on here, anynone know how they are

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I responded to your last post regarding Nancy. She has lost interest in the boards, but is doing fine.

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she sends her best wishes but felt like she needed a break from the board......she's doing a-ok though......

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I'm also wondering how Joni (Jloe) is doing. I haven't seen a post from her in a very long time but she and I have the same oncologist. It helped me to read what she had to say about him.

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about jbeans888. She hasn't posted for a long time.


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Hi ladies, I haven't been on for a while , but I was wondering about child of the stars! Juust hoping she is ok in remission and hasn't felt the need to come back here.After loosing mum, i still like to know you are all doing ok xxxx

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Hellooooo Liz
I am still here and doing absolutely fine - thanks for asking :)). I have been reading the board intermittently but not taking part - but I do think about all these lovely ladies often and was very upset today to see that Linda (Clamryn) has passed.
How are you doing?

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Hi , I am so glad you are doing ok , I have often thought of you when I come here, I kinda thought you must be doing good and just getting away from The boards and all the talk of cancer!
We lost mum at Xmas , don't know if you saw my post, she caught pneumonia and couldn't recover from it, her cancer was progressing and the caelyx had just stopped working , she did still have a few options. , so feel. A little robbed that pheumonia got her and not cancer.
However, she did not suffer as much as perhaps she would have done had cancer taken it's toll, so got to take comfort from that.
Nice to hear from you take care xx

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I did read about your mum and in a way you are right she did not suffer as much as she could have done - and she is at peace now.
It would be lovely to meet up with one day, maybe if you come up to London we could have lunch.

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i have not posted here for a long time.Main reason - site is very slow, but i do post on Facebook - Teal Warriors page - it is much easier. I'm doing ok as far as cancer -still not in remission- but no new spots and old ones not growing,but i am struggling with horrible abdominal pain. Doctor thinks it is due to hernia and bowel adhesions, i am on pain meds 24/7. Having MRI on aug 9th.
on Face Book i saw post from Carlene and Jbeans888 - i guess they are doing ok, just not posting and Nancy needed a break after very hard chemo - she is doing well.

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