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MD Anderson - Worth the trip?

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Hi All,

Would appreciate any feedback on this posting. My mother, 68 years old, was diagnosed yesterday with stage IV ovarian cancer with mets to the peritoneum, omentum, and epicardial lymph nodes. We are headed to MD Anderson next week. Has anyone had any experience at MD Anderson? Please provide feedback - positive and negative. I am going to push for HIPEC, but uncertain if that is an option they will consider. I have been on Dr Sugarbaker's website and I am not above traveling to D.C.

Postings with positive outcomes have been extremely reassuring, although I know God's will will be done regardless.

Thank you!

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in the world. I know that they do HIPEC for some cancers. I think they are well worth a visit. (I went to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC - another of the top cancer centers.)

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This post is late considering you were heading to MDA but thought I would reply anyway. I did not have a good experience with MDA. I saw oncology for lobular breast that has spread to the peritoneal and his attitude was very callous, he also told me he was going to resubmit my pathology because my hormone receptors were very low which was unusual for lobular. No one ever replied back to me!
On a positive note for you, I met a woman while I was there and we talked for over an hour and she was diagnosed with ovarian that had spread to the peritoneal. Her care was remarkable and she went thru the surgery twice (to remove tumors from the peritoneal) and the chemo in the stomach. Her oncologist was a woman from India that never would give up on her. She is 5 years out and doing brilliantly.

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