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lost dad june 22

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Well, my dad lost his fight June 22nd. He went through treatments in spring/summer of 2010, but wasn't a candidate for surgery because he was very disabled from a stroke he had in 2004. The cancer came back in Fall of 2011 and by March of 2012, he could no longer eat. Around May, he could no longer drink, but he kept going strong until four days before he died, which is when he got in the bed and was in a lot of pain and dehydrating. It was horrifying to watch, but he chose against anything that would prolong his life. He was 61 years old and I am 27. It's hard to get that awful memory out of my head...

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So sorry . It's very hard to lose a parent. Praying for God to comfort you and bring to mind all the good memories.

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I am so sorry for your loss. I have been there, done that, so I can understand about the awful memories--my dad also died of cancer. Just take it one day at a time--time truly does help. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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My husband went in a similar manner on June 28. He was 6' 4" 250 lbs. when he was first diagnosed in October of 2010 and when he died at age 54, he was probably around 150 lbs. We have 5 sons ranging in age from 30 to 19 and even though they are all adults, it's hard for them to shake those final days images as well so what we've done is we've gathered a lot of pictures of him pre-sickness and put them up around the house. We may never be able to get those memories out of our heads but maybe if you surround yourself with more of the good times than the bad, it will help with the healing.

Peace be with you.

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I'm so sorry to hear your news. I pray that you will have some comfort from the good memories that you have of your Dad. I really do know how you feel as I lost my Mum recently and the funeral was last week. It is hard not to see the pictures inside your head, but if you concentrate really hard on the lovely memories then it gets a little bit easier.
My husband is recovering from his EC op in February and we are hoping for good news in October when he has his next set of tests.
Please know that we are all here for you and praying for you. You are not alone.
Marci x

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My heart goes out to you. I just hope that the happy memories can override the bad ones toward the end. I'm very sorry and pray you find comfort and peace.
Sincerely, Stephanie

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When my Mom passed, it was so sad to see her like she was. I'm very visual so I block it out of my head instead seeing her fit and healthy and enjoying life. Hers was a 2 1/2 fight after a bad stroke. I hated seeing her like that. It will get better.


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I am so sorry for the loss of you father.
I can understand the heartache of watching your father decline and suffer, as I too lost my father to cancer. Please know that it will get better. Your loving memories of the good times will outweigh the current painful ones you have. And you will smile with love when you remember him.
He is no longer suffering, so be grateful for that. He will always be with you in your heart.

My sympathies to you and your family.

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Hold your good memories close, PeachyCream. You've got YEARS of good memories and only a few months of difficult ones. Use the good memories to push back the bad.

I pray you find comfort and peace in your family and friends as your share the tragic loss of your father.

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