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Has anyone received the free ovarian cancer braclet?

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Glad to be done
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While doing research during my chemo treatments I stumbled upon this website called ovations for a cure. While on there I saw that they give a braclet to anyone who has fought, currently fighting the battle or in remission from ovarian cancer. I signed up and got one. They are absolutely beautiful . It is a silver bangel braclet with a teal glittery bead in the middle. They call it the princess braclet. There are 20 additional beads you can purchase to put on the braclet if you like. Those are $40 each. I absolutely love mine. It just came the other day. Took a little while because the size smalls were on back order. Just go to this link http://www.ovationsforthecure.org/programs/programs_princess.php and order it. Be sure you click where it says ovarian cancer patients and survivors click here. They also let people buy them for $100 to sponsor the project.

I put it on and it brought a smile to to my face and I have gotten alot of compliments on it. I think everyone should have one.

If you haven't heard about it check out the link and sign up for yours. We all deserve a little something pretty for what we went/ are going through right.

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I read somewhere that they run small so I ordered the large. It is really small unless they sent the small by mistake. I just tried it on after reading your post and I think I can wear it now; I have lost some weight. Anyway it is beautiful.


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just added some more to my bracelet it is really nice

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I had not heard of this website, so thank you for providing the link. I just ordered my bracelet!


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I got mine last year and I ware it to chemo all the time. I get comments about how beautiful is all the time. I love mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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There are many sites that give graciously to all of us battling cancer. In Washington, my husband and I will be attending a free 3 day retreat for those battling and survivors. Lodging and meals included. I received a free scarf from another site. Makes me want to give back when this is all over. Thanks for sharing...I just requested one.


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How did you get the 3 day retreat. Is it in the state of Washington? Thanks Sharon

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kimberly sue 63
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I just ordered mine. I also signed up for their blog. Thanks for the info!! Kim

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