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Hyperthermia at Herzog Clinic, Germany

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Hi All

Am currently having treatment in Germany at the Dr Herzog Hospital where they focus mainly on hyperthermia with standard protocol chemo. I am having hyperthermia with FOLFIRI. You can check out http://www.coloncancerandyouth.com.au/easyblog/hyperthermia-at-herzog-clinic for more information.


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.... from Cologne :-)About 180km. So greetings from nearly a neighbor *wave*

Never heared of this Clinic but we are still quite new on this roller coaster. Sounds interesting! And I like your descriptions of germany ;-)

An Hug from Köln (Cologne)

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all the treatment costing? Hyperthermia went from quack medicine a few years ago to respectability, there are clinical trials available in the US.
BTW Germans have been way ahead of the field in Alt. medicine and the rest of the world is slowly catching up.

Hope it does you good.

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here in Canada....same machine. It was brutal only because I wasn't medicated enough, soon enough...however I feel pretty darn good now. In fact, I'm feeling quite refreshed and I'm day 3 out of chemo which is usually my worst day after chemo. I'm also on irinotecan/avastin/xeloda.

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