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What a day in infusion therapy

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Cycle one day 18 turned out to be a long one...and stressful. Labs at 7:30am, infustion at 8:30. Got the labs done. Clinic was running behind so it was 10:30 before he got back for a 6.5 hr treatment. During his infusion, he got a call that his biological father had passed away that morning. Stopping treatment then would disqualify him from the trial. His brother told him not to worry, finish treatment and just come by tomorrow. Its a crazy situation at his dad's house, with blended family members scrapping and fighting on who gets what. Let 'em fight, I told Robert. You don't need that cr@p.

On the flip side, I was talking to another lady who was 2.5 months into the same trial, and she has shown response with a 13% decrease in tumor size on the first scan, and stabilization in the second. So this gives us more hope that this will help control this tumor spread. BTW, she is 7.5 years living with cancer stage IV colon, mets to liver and lungs.

Going to be an interesting weekend*sigh*


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Sounds like a full day, Angela. So sorry about Robert's biological father. And sorry for the family drama.
His brother is right. Don't worry and do what you have to do. And you are right....you guys don't need the craziness.

So happy you got to talk to the woman who is also doing the trial. That always means so much.
That is very encouraging.

Don't stress out this weekend......think those positive thoughts.


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So sorry to hear that Robert's father passed away and the family drama that has resulted.

I hope that both of you can stay out of that stress as much as possilbe so that you can concentrate on the good news you heard from the lady at the trial.

Hugs to you both and praying for better days ahead,

Marie who loves kitties

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Wow Angela. My prayers go out to you and Robert. I am sorry about the loss of Roberts biological father. I hope you two can be with family but not get caught in the junk. Boy that is hard.

Thinking of you,


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You are right you and Robert don't need this kinda crap, don't let yourselves get dragged into it. What is the clinical trial he is on, do you know the drugs?? Praying he has wonderful results from it. Rest and enjoy the weekend together.

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The trial is for a drug in the same class as avastin (angiogenesis inhibitor)...TRC 105. Had very promising results in a trial a year or so ago for prostate cancer. This is only Phase 1b, so it is early yet in the studies. Let me know if you want contact info.

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