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Surgery update

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Hi Ladies

Thank you so much for warm words of support. They help so much.

I am back in the o.r. slot for tuesday. Feels like a long time from now till then.

My pain and nausea has really increased and this is what has made it so difficult. It's hard to eat much since my tummy is squished by the biggest tumor, and with little food the nausea becomes horrible.

After talking to the triage nurse today and the onc tonght, I now have additional pain meds and two nausea meds. So far they are working great. No nausea and only minor discomfort.
I feel so much better than a few hours ago, even went with hubby to walk the dog.
I hope that the new meds will continue to work and that Tuesday I'll get this cancer out of me.

The onc did mention that shortly after I recover, I will get the port put in and start chemo. She didn't really say what shortly means.

How long did any of you have between surgery and starting chemo?

Thanks again for you wise and caring support.


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Generally, they want your surgery to heal before chemo begins. I think for me, surgery was Feb. 10, 2010 and chemo began on March 24 ? I had a port surgically inserted about 2 weeks before my first chemo and the staples came out about 2 weeks after my surgery.

Just remember, it's different for everyone. OVCA is not a cancer that you can script. Some women have it extremely localized, others have it spread out. Trust your gyn/onc. He/she will do whatever it takes to remove the cancer and optimize your post surgical treatment.

I'll be sending my prayers your way come Tuesday! Go see a movie this weekend with someone you love. (My Darling Husband thought he would take me to see something uplifting the weekend before my surgery. Somehow, "The Book of Eli" was not quite as uplifting as he'd hoped it would be!)



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when I hd my surgery my doctor thought they got it all so she did not put an intra paratenial (sp) port in. After results came back and it was microscopicly on one of 27 nodes removed we were on our way to chemo. It was almost 4 weeks after my first surgery I went back in to have the port put in. I started chemo right around the end of February. Jst finished up the end of June and have my follow up scan monday

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