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My oncoligist is having me collect urine for 24 hrs so a indepth analysis because of high protein in urine test. I'm worried because high protein can cause kidney failure. They may have to stop avastin also. Pray results aren't horrible. Jeff

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My test showed high protein during a test before Avastin, did the 24 hour thing and all came back clean as a whistle, here's hoping yours is the same. They keep such a close eye on it, that stopping the avastin (I didn't have to) stops the increase in protein in time when it is caught.
Hope yours is as good as mine was.
Winter Marie

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Hi Jeff,
I had the same test, in fact, quite a few times. I was pulled off of Avastin but just until the protein levels returned to normal and then I was right back on. Calm down, you might miss one treatment but you too will be on track in no time.

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I had to miss a dose of avastin once due to a blood clot and had to miss a dose of vectibix due to severs skin reaction. You will be fine.

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Praying that things will be ok. Some treatments can do this to parts of your body - maybe if they pull you off it for a week then things will get back to normal.


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