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need input

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i am feeling feeling scared about the allo transplant i could have it and die from host versus graft desiese or keep having chemo and mabey have more time i don't know which way to go i would be appreciated blessings denise

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Hi Denise,
Good to hear from you, I don't have any knowledge about transplants but will be praying that whatever you decide it goes well without any bad reactions. Take care and please keep us updated on what you decide. (((Hugs)))


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Hi Denise,
So glad you checked in! Listen sweetie, there is always a certain amount of risk no matter what kind of treatments we get done. Be it chemo, transplants, radiation etc, there is a list a mile long of what can happen.I did some reading on GVHD and even though there is not a sure protection from it happening, they have ways to deal with it, if it should happen. From what I read... after the transplant you will probably have to take drugs that suppress your immune system,(steroids like prednisone) which will help reduce the chances (or severity) of GVHD. It can be dangerous, but in most cases it is totally treatable, much like a chronic illness is treated. I remember when I started my Rituxan maint I was scared to death that I would end up with heart damage or possibility of having a heart attack from taking it. I had read the full prescription label on Rituxan and got myself all psyched out and scared. My Onc set me straight and said the things I was so worried about were "rare" in happening. Have you talked with your Onc about the fears you are having? Hopefully others here in the group that have gone through the same kind of SCT will respond and help ease your fears. Please check back and let us know what you decide to do and I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks so much for checking in... Take care sweetie...Love,Sue

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Hey Denise, great to hear from you, you have to put your faith in your doctors now. They will weigh all your options and come up with the best procedure for you...hang in there Vinny

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Hi Denise and great to hear from you and big hugs!

I agree pretty much with what the others are saying.
I know this is a tough and scary decision.

I hope you find peace and comfort and make a decision
you and your doctors feel best if for you.

You know we're here for you.


miss maggie
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Dear Denise,

So glad you have returned. I have to admit, your post scared me. I am not familiar
with transplants, especially Allo transplant. This I will have to do research on.
May I ask you, what do you mean, "have more time?"

This may be the time to get a second opinion. The most important thing, do you have
complete faith in your oncologist? If possible, take your time. This is such an
important decision for you to make.

I am with you all the way. Love and hugs, especially prayers. Love Maggie

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I agree with what the others have to say.I especially agree with Maggie in getting a second opinion. Keeping you close to my heart during these times. John

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