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CT scans scheduled for tomorrow....4 months since I've last seen my onc. ....10 months since I've had chemo. Feeling so stressed, I thought it would be easier somehow as time went on....but this is stressing me to the point where I just wanna put my head in the sand and not do this anymore!!! I'm sure my blood work is ready...just don't want to see anything baaaddd, so I haven't gone to check it out.

Brenda Bricco
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I know what you mean...all we want is to get to a good point in this and then when we do we still get all stressed out. I pray that everything is all good for you.
God's blessings to you.

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Completely understand what you are feeling. I cannot sleep before hand. Stress out. It's horrible. I kind of just zone out, stay out of radar until I get the results. I will be praying that you have great scans. Keep us posted.

Big hug!


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prayers, good vibes and anything else I can your way for a good scan.

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prayers, good vibes and anything else I can your way for a good scan.

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have 3d scan since December next week...past two nights I've woke up from dreaming I was told I've went from 3b to 4... will be six very long days after the scan before I get the results.. in the corrections world, I'm thinking that would be considered cruel and unusual punishment :)

Will be thinking of you tomorrow and will say a prayer for you tonight.

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It doesnt get easier no matter how many scans you get. I have had at least 30 and if anything it gets harder. But dont slack on it. I went 14 months last time and i ended up with an orange sized tumor.

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Keep yourself busy every minute in-between now and then. Maybe read all the calming stuff you can. Are u taking anything to help you sleep tonight? My heart pounds out of my chest if I don't distract myself.
Hope you'll see the anxiety was all for nothing. Will be thinking of you!!!!!

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I just went through it and all is well. However, it seems that i get worse before scans, the further away i get from the last bad news. make sense? the only thing that helps is just making it to the date and getting it over with. Now i am free for 3 months. Right now i am feeling free and tomorrow you will too.

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I have a PET scan tomorrow morning to see if liver spots found in CT scan will "light up" - I am so nervous part of the time; the other part of the time I'm telling myself, quit thinking negatively - be positive.

At least, soon the waiting will be over, eventually - try to focus on that aspect. That's what I'm trying to do and it seems to be calming me.

Hugs and prayers...

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Glad to hear you continue to do well. Prayers for both of you.

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Praying you have only good results in your future!


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Waiting for results is very stressful but when the results turn out good gives a need for celebration. Pray you will be celebrating soon. Jeff

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We all have to face up to each step of this journey. The word brave is often used about how people face these challenges but I don't like that word as really it is simply what we HAVE TO do. If we had a choice we would put our heads in that sand that is calling you and hide from it. We don't have that choice- we simply need to take a deep breathe, face it, get those results and deal with them.

It isn't easy and doesn't necessarily get easier in time but it is part of the hand we have been dealt.

My thoughts are with you,


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