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protein and blood in urine

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Joined: Sep 2011

I had treatment today after skipping last week because of low platelets. The oncolgist wanted urine sample today. I have had problems emptying my blatter. After I got home the nurse calls saying I need to go in tomorrow andcgive another urine sample. Also they want me to take a big urine jug home and every time I pee i have to go in the jug for 24 hours. She said I had high protein and blood in my urine. Doesn't sound good. I pray its nothing serious. Has anyone else run across this problem. Pray everyone is doing well. Jeff

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I suffer from moderate proteinurea. At the moment I am losing around two grams in 24 hrs but have been up to three. I have had blood as well. I suspect kidney stones caused the blood but as usual the docs went 180deg and checked me for bladder cancer. Still losing protein and having problems with stones. I do a 24hr collection every three months. I have had three biopsies done on my kidneys . My nephrologists says the results are not normal but don't fit with any diagnoses.Best of luck Ron.

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