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Noncancer question - insect bite

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About 9 weeks ago a small insect looking bite appeared on my leg between my knee and ankle. It did not itch or hurt. It looked like a tiny vampire got me. It was kinda brown looking. After about three weeks two tiny water blisters appeared and then I got a large red patch all around it and my leg started hurting. I went to urgent care and he told me it was a bug bite and I had a mild skin infection. I got two antibiotics. I was not able to take the one because it made me very sick.

I finished the one called Bactrim and the redness went away. About two weeks later I started feeling achy and exhusted. The place is brown looking with a hard knot. I went back to urgent care and told me it was ok just healing and the aches were not connected. I finally called my regular doctor because it was still very painful I go see her in the morning.

Have any of you been bite by a spider and what happened when you did. The doctor at urgent care told me that it was not a tick and did not have to worry about lyme diease. I am sorta worried because my regular doctor told me to worry.

Just wondered if any of you have has experience with something like this.


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My wife had a bite on her finger ....looked like no big deal ..but kept then...2 days went by and it got REALLY sore, kept swelling .....looked worse and worse. She then got what I would call "flu like" symptoms ...

We googled it (yeah, I know, not too smart) but we stuck to the more reputable site like WEB MD or something similar, just can't remember ..and it sure did sound just like a spider bite.

We do have spiders in the house more than any other insect ..in fact what's nice about Idaho is hardly no insects or bugs 'cept squitos :) and spiders.

She figures she got bit while sleeping ...since we always seem to find or see spiders (when we do see them) crawling around the beds or especially the "shoe closet" ...

No doctor ...so hope that helps. By the way ..her "flu like symptoms" and the pain in her finger did not start for several days but last well over a week and a bit more. She never saw a doctor about it.



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been bitten by a spider, but a dear friend from work was, it was a brown recluse, some of your symptoms sound similar but then others don't, she never had blisters that I could recall, but the red patch more like a cirlce.


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Hey Kathy, I've never had a wound like that. It sounds serious, so I would stay in close contact with your PCP, and maybe ask him to refer you to someone who may have expertise in treating bug,spider, or other serious insect bites like yours. This has been going on for awhile, and you are getting more symptoms instead of the opposite.


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I'm glad you're going back in. They definately need to test this to see what it is. Let us know k ? Warmest regards, Katie

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