Fourth line chemo - SCLC Extensive

littlelady4220 Member Posts: 15
My husband might have to have fourth line chemo. First line was Carbo/Etoposide, six rounds (very effective), second line was Topotecan, five rounds (totally ineffective), third line CAV (has had three rounds)(we will know tomorrow with results of scan). He is having more bad days than good days, but still working.He was diagnosed 1/11.
My question is, what are the chances that fourth line chemo might be effective if the CAV is not? Not trying to borrow trouble, but I keep reading that if second line was not effective chances are third line won’t be either. I just want to be prepared. His oncologist (who I loved in the begining, now having doubts) keeps referring to his new tumors as “bumps in the road”.
Thank you for any guidance you can give me.