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Question about first round of chemo/radiation

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Hello everyone,

Dave had his port implanted last night, and aside from some pain this morning, it seems like the procedure went smoothly.

He heads to Hopkins this afternoon for some "tweaking" prior to radiation and chemo starting on Thursday. We found that the tumor is non-metholating, so he'll be starting on the 96 hour infusion of FU-5 and I guess cisplatin? I'm still not sure of the whole chemo protocol. But I do have a question I was hoping some of you could answer. What should we expect the first week vis a vis side effects? Do you think he would be okay to take himself to treatment on Thursday? As you'll remember, I am away at the beach, and am contemplating coming back up to take him, but if he'll be okay then he wants me to stay here. Remember we don't live together, I am his "significant other"!

After just a month we are now ready to do battle with this cancer! I'm hoping that he has a relatively easy time with the chemo and radiation, rests up, and then is ready for surgery in September. Dr. Yang at Hopkins has talked to us about the THE, but Dave wants to explore the MIE (William I know this makes you happy!) :) Dr. Yang's partner does the MIE, so we will pursue that soon.

As always, thanks for all your advice and support!


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Whether or not to go - I guess this only a question you two could know the answer to. I can see both sides.

Don is my husband and my soulmate - I went and still go to each and every appointment with him - with the exception of one radiation treatment and a good friend took him that day.

I have been in the infusion room on two occassions where someone had some pretty nasty reaction to the chemo. The first time, the man in was in the infusion by himself with his family sitting in the waiting room. For some reason, it really bothered me that this man was by himself with no family member beside him. They were totally unaware as to what was happening. It scared the heck out of me. It lasted probably less than 15 minutes and things were under control. I have seen this man there after that and if I were to see him on the street and not know otherwise, I would never guess that he has cancer.

The second time I witnessed a reaction - it wasn't as frightening as the first time, but it scared me. His wife was there and was holding his hand reassuring him.

I am in a much different situation than you are - we live in the same house and I am able to go to his appointments and treatments with no major disruption to my schedule - other than I do miss work on those days.

I think in the end, you have to go with your gut. Whatever you are comfortable with is probably the best answer. All that said, I don't think I would mind going to get chemo by myself. Some of the antihistamines they gave Don prior to the chemo made him very sleepy for awhile though - just a word of caution on that.

Maybe he has a friend that go with him and then you wouldn't worry? Just a thought.


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I would say enjoy the beach. I have been on chemo since February and have driven myself each time. I'm on the 5fu and cisplatin as well and I don't have a problem getting around. If he feels strong enough I would recommend keeping as fairly normal a routine as possible.
Good luck to Dave, from what I'm told eveyone has different reactions to the Chemo but I can tell you I've had every side effect listed in the information pamphlet. None of it is fun but mine don't noemally start until 3 days after the Cisplatin gets administered.
Best of luck, Bill

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I was with my mom for every single appt except when I was in Israel. I would say that since it's his first infusion, I would let him handle it and you should stay at the beach. You will have ample opportunity to accompany him on future appointments. Mom didn't have any adverse reactions until a week after, and I'm not even sure it was chemo related. Enjoy the beach.

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