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Hi All,

I have been cancelled. After a major meltdown and a long nap, I am able to focus a little better.

This is what I was told.

Our hospital is connected to the cancer center. Both have operating rooms. The cancer center o.r.'s are used by cancer patients and kids from the children's hospital next door.
There was a "flood" in one of the operating rooms. All the schedualed surgerys were cancelled. They are only allowing critical and life threatening surgery. Also any from the the hospital's trama center. They will all use the main hospital o.r.'s.

My hubby talked with the onc who is livid. She feels that I should not have been bumped. That scares me a little.. Anyway, she is going to try and get me back on the next asap slot. Hopefully on thursday.

My hubby also talked with one of our daughter's. She works at the main hospital inpatient psych unit. So she has the insider scoop. She told him that the "flood" happened last week! and that it was no longer an issue. Maybe that is why the onc is so pissed that I was bumped.

So, now I am back to waiting. Each day is becoming more painful and my belly is like a beach ball. I just want to get this over with. After my initial fear, when told I was having surgery tomorrow, I was able to find some strength and focus. But now I am back to square one. Plus I have to do the prep again! It wasn't to bad, since I am hardly eating anything. But good grief, enough is enough.

Thank you all so very much for your prayers and positive words. They mean so much to me.


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up for surgery and then it is cancelled. I believe things happen for a reason so I hope it is not too difficult for you to wait. It seems this disease is all about waiting, whether it be for test results, healing from surgery or getting over chemo.

I know what you mean about the beach ball. I looked like I was about 7 months pregnant which was really weird since I was 62. I had paracentesis to remove 5 liters of fluid and 3 the next week. It was such a relief.

I wish the very best for you.


garden gal
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I know when I was first told of my first surgery I was so scared and then when the time came I quess I was just lets get this over with. But to have been canceled like you said enough is enough. Seems like there is always something with this disease you have to deal with. I hope they don't wait to long for your sake. Sounds like your DR is right on top of it. Take care let us know what happens. Kathy

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This sort of delay is difficult, Lisha. But I hope that you won't have too much pain and anxiety. Maybe this time will provide you with some additional strength and hope when it's time to get this surgery.

As for the flood having been last week, I would imagine that because they had to cancel so many surgeries, they're still back-logged a little. I know that's not of much comfort, and I understand your and your physician's frustration.

Sending lots of prayers and hugs that you'll be in there soon, and on the road to recovery quickly!


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So sorry about your cancelled surgery, Lisha. I know from experience what emotional stress is involved when a cancellation is at hand. YOu get all prepared and then ZAP. So sorry, cancelled. Not so easy on the emotions!

SEveral years back I had to have surgery. My surgery was going to be at a place that was 3 hours away from my home. I had my sister-in-law come to stay with my three sons at the time. She lives at least 4 hours away. I went and of course was on a liquid diet the day before. It was evening so I started my bowel prep too. Then we got the call that the surgery wasn't going to be happening! I had a full blown meltdown.

It is just one of those "bumps" in the road that we face, although it would be nice to have it a little less bumpy! Hang in there! Sending you postive vibes and prayers your way.


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I am so sorry that your surgery didn't go through as planned but I hope your oncologist gets you re-scheduled ASAP. I know what you mean about the big belly. I looked like I was 7-8 months pregnant, and in fact, by the time I had my surgery, I could only fit into one skirt. Everything else - pants, shorts, dresses - wouldn't fit. I felt so relieved once my surgery was over because I felt like I was moving forward in doing what I needed to do to kick cancer's butt.

Sending you lots of good thoughts and prayers.


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Everyone here is so positive...which is great, but me, I would hope everyone involved in the "flood misshap" gets to spend a little time in HELL just to get a sample of what you have been through! I don't have time for "stupid"! Best, debrajo

P.S. I sometimes have anger issues! LOL

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Prayers and hugs....the ladies here have said it beautifully

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kimberly sue 63
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Waiting is the worst.Keep active, have friends over for distraction, watch short funny TV shows. do anything that takes your mind off of the whole issue! Kim

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