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Surgery CANCELLED !!!

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Yes, It's really true. I cannot believe it.

I have pulled myself together after a major major meltdown and a long nap. I cried myself to sleep.

The Hospital and the cancer center each have operating rooms.
The cancer center rooms are used by cancer patients and kids from the childrens hospital next door.
This is what I was told.
There was some type of "flood" and the operating rooms cannot be used right now. And since Stanford is also a level 1 trama center, every schedualed surgery had to be cancelled to leave room for any tramas that might come in. Also for the critical need and life threatening cases.
Hubby talked to the onc when I was sleeping, and she is livid. She feels that I should not have been bumped out. Thats a bit scary to hear.. But she will try to work out something as soon as possible. But if Stanford has there way/say it might be next week! Onc is pissed. I was a bit confused,after I calmed down, about why she would be so mad, things happen.
Well, this might be why.
Hubby also talked with our daughter who happens to work at the hospital psych inpatient unit. She has the insider scoop. She said that the "flood" happened LAST week! She was able to double check on the latest info, and really seems like the flood issue is over.
So, maybe that is why the onc is so angry.

This is the last thing I need right now. Good grief, enough is enough!
Maybe the onc will work out something for thursday. I just want this over and done with.

I am trying really hard to be strong, but feel so vulnerable.
Thats the latest.


PS Thank you so much for your prayers and kind positive words. It means so very much to me.
Maybe you all prayed so well and so much that your prayers got me out of having surgery...Ha! Still have a little humor left in me, or maybe it's the extra pain pill I took tonight.

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Hi Lisha,
Well thats a bummer! You must feel like your on a roller coaster ride...up one minute and down the next! I swear...this is the kind of stuff that can make a person go crazy....especially a "Libra"! Last thing you need is more stress. I'm really sorry sweetie...there's not much you can do but take some deep breaths and hope your Onc gets things straightened out. Hang in there..Love you...Sue

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My Libra scales are a total mess. One side is dragging on the ground!

But, I am feeling so much better than I was this afternoon. What a day. I felt like I had found some strength after the initial terror and was good to go, then BAM, I slammed into a wall. Pushed me right over the cliff and down I went. Thank goodness I fell asleep, otherwise who knows I might have hit the bottom...

Well tomorrow is another day and I will face it as it comes.


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It was not the flood at all. I checked myself. It was a computer problem/shutdown. They could not check out your updated insurance policy to see that all was covered !!!!....
Well you said you liked humor.....or is it humor? John

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Thanks John. I have a smile on my face and no tears . Things are looking up...

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Can't believe it. For a very brief moment I thought you were going to run. Glad to hear you aren't, but frustrated that you're still in pain. Hope today goes better and calmer for you.

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Thought I would throw a liitle humor in there in the last post. When I read that the flood was last week it really got me wondering what the heck was really going on. They had the appt. made and all of a sudden it was cancelled.No wonder your Onc. got so ticked off. I would have as well. All we can do is go with what they say at this point I guess. just keep us updated as to what is going on. I check often to see who has posted thru out the day. John

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Well, crap Lisha. I guess you're "tall enough" to ride
the roller coaster (again):

Caution: Some Adult Language

Semper Fi, The Few, The Proud, The Roller Coaster ☺ ♥

I don't feel so bad about being afraid at times
when a marine can react this way ;). I think we can all relate.

Hugs and hang on to your hat,


miss maggie
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Dear Lisha,

What a disappointment. This is the first post I read this morning. I had no idea
you were scheduled for this Thursday.

I know hard it must of been for you to prepare for this Thursday. Then out of no
where, it was cancelled. No matter a flood, or computer problems.

I am very superstious. Rather than get annoyed at cancelled appointments, or stuck
in traffic, I say it is meant to be. You know the story. A person gets stuck in
traffic on the way to the airport and misses his flight. Sad to say, this flight
crashed in mid air.

It works for me. Hope the above helps. Love Maggie

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Hi Lisha,
I'm a little superstitious myself, I have to say. I like to use this saying "everything happens for a reason" Sometimes it helps. Please keep us updated, will continue to pray and keep you in my thoughts. (((HUGS))) Hang in there


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