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my sister in law was diagnosed with AML in December, 6 months after my husband, her brother, was diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC. She has had two rounds of chemotherapy administered 24/7. The doctor is now telling her that he has tried all the chemo he can on her and her only option is a clinical trial or go home and they will keep her comfortable. She was suppose to get a stem cell transplant but they are now saying she probably won't have the right counts to do it. She has gone to our state hospital to begin a clinical trial today. I haven't researched AML very much but would think there were more than two chemo drugs that would work with it?? Any input or info would be appreciated.

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Tell her not to give up. There are many survivors. Get another opinion. God bless all of you.

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Where is your sister getting her care? There are so many protocols out there. Has she been considered for a bone marrow transplant or have they been unable to get her into remission? I have been through all of it and would be happy to answer any/all of your questions. Have faith!

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We are here in Iowa. She was suppose to get a stem cell transplant but they can't get her healthy enough to have it...her blood counts aren't right. I don't fully understand it all. They have advised if the clinical trial doesn't work she will have to go to hospice - game over.

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