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Throwing out some good news~

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Looks like I've got another 6-month reprieve, after receiving good news last week from my oncologist at my 6-month checkup. My CA125 which is a very reliable marker for me, still very consistent since completion of treatments 3 years ago (2009) ---- 5. Had a few what I thought were "symptoms" which went away a few days prior to appt.....thank God! Apparently my new exercise regime flared up my muscles causing pain...but boy was I visualizing "recurrence". Funny how our minds go to the black side of life.

Been having lower-back/sciatica pain on/off for quite a while, as convinced my doc to do an MRI. This will help guide me in the proper direction for a specialist. As well this pain has calmed down too...gee! After all the chemo and 33 rounds of external pelvic radiation, no wonder my arthritis has flared up and who know what else.

Hugs to all of my sisters here, you've all been here to listen and guide me, as well, hope I can continue to support you all....

Enjoy life, it has an expiration~

Diagnosed Jan.'09 Uterine MMMT, stage 3C
6 rounds chemo - carboplatin/taxol
33 sessions, external pelvic radiation
NED post-treatments, July '09

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We are sure due for this excellent report of yours. How wonderful. I absolutely can't think of anything better.

Continuing blessings to you.

Mary Ann

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Great news Jan - very pleased for you!
Off to the complementary care clinic myself tomorrow - last session of mindfulness meditation (one appointment I don't need to worry about). Looking at joining a group there for relaxation/meditation if I can. Next clinical appt is late October.
Take care

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Thanks Jan for sharing the good news!!!

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Double Whammy
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How wonderful for you. Keep on keeping on.

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There is nothing better than good news. It offers hope to all and we enjoying sharing your delight. May this track record continue on and on.


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Thank Heavens...

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Jan, Thanks for sharing your good news. Always glad to hear good news!


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I think that is wonderful news. Keep up the good self treatments of eating right and exercise that you do for yourself. It seems to be working. You have shared so many helpful hints to the ladies here, myslef included. Wishing you continued NED status. trish

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I am so happy for you. To go 6 months before another check up is needed. That is great. I am happy with my 6 week break. May you continue to dance with NED for a very long time.

You have worked so hard to make positive changes. You have offered so much advise to others. May you continue to enjoy life, also. In peace and caring.

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Sara Zipora
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So happy to hear! We all glow, and not from Radiation ;-), on hearing good news.
Chaya Sara

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Appreciate all the kind words and can tell you I've learned oh so much from each and everyone of you beautiful ladies. This journey cannot be paved without support from others...and that's all of you.

None of us knows where the journey will lead us, so try and be happy every day, knowing tomorrow might be our last. I remind myself of this daily!!!

Hoping all you ladies can join me in this happy NED dance!!!!

Hugs to all~

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Congrats. I am due for a discussion with you. Never seem to get to it. I don't know if you remember, but my lovely daughter is battling Leukemia (definitely worse than MMMT)The treatment is brutal. I will talk to you later. Continue enjoying good health. June

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That's the news we all LOVE to hear. Long may you continue to be NED, Jan.
Kindest wishes

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I am soooo in love with NED ! I could so totaly leave my husband for NED! You go girl! Best, debrajo

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Good for you Jan!!!!

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I like you

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What great news!! I hope that you continue your affair with NED for many, many years to come!!


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Hi Jan:

Congratulations on remaining cancer free. I hope you continue to remain that way forever and that the cancer never comes back on you.

I was diagnosed last year with UPSC (Stage 1) and had the standard 6 rounds of carboplatin/taxol and completed all my treatments last October (2011). So far, I have remained cancer free. I go back and see my oncologist in October for a pelvic exam and will need blood work and another cat scan. I get cat scans every 6 months as well. I hope I continue to remain cancer free as well in the years to come. But so far, so good.

I live in a very good area (outside of Philadelphia, PA in a suburb called Delaware County) where there are excellent hospitals nearby.


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So happy to hear your good news. Long may you dance with NED!!! :)
Many hugs,

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Love the happy news - congrats!

Liz in Dallas

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This is great news for your and for all of us, for it shows that even an aggressive cancer like ours can be kept at bay for many years, perhaps even vanquished!

Enjoy your reprieve for another six months and THEN some!


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I am happy for you, great news!

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