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Huggggh! Back in the city and completely Burnt !

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Got my face burning ! F......ng chemo!,I know ,I know I was aware about it but........
Any magical home solution?

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I actually enjoy a bit of sunburn- as long as it doesn't fry me. Makes me look healthy- always feel like a show off with one, like, "haha I had fun :)" Aloe lotion will help- also if your legs or back got burned, try a tea bath- cool water, a few tea bags.

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Ouch!! :-( I don't know if you have this product where you live, but I found that "Solarcaine - Burn Relief Aloe Extra Gel" works pretty well for sunburn.

Stay cool....


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Yup a cold beer will do the trick :)


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Best thing I've found for sunburn is aloe itself and Aquaphor. Most lotions, gels, creams etc have alcohol and various acids that irritate the burn. Just cut off a piece from an aloe plant about and inch or so long, split it open and put the sap onto the burn. It'll feel a lot better right away.

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First choice is using the aloe directly from the leaf of the plant...slit the leaf and squeeze the aloe out.

If you don't have an aloe plant at hand, you can try apple cider vinegar...take a soft cloth, soak in the vinegar and apply to your face.

Aloe lotions or creams over the counter at the pharmacy are also good, but less effective than the pure stuff from the plant.

If you have to go to the pharmacy, best to pick up some skin lotion with the highests SPF sunblock rating that you can...for next time!

Hugs and hope you feel better soonest!

Marie who loves kitties

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Face! LOL.

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Pepe I feel for you....I'm very fair and typically burn quite easily....seems worse when you try to get to sleep. Try a cool compress, don't put ice directly on your skin, but a nice cool facecloth.

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Glad you were facing the enemy :) Ron.

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Pepe, try this. brew some tea, let it get cold and put a compress on your face. ( soak wash rag in tea and lay on your face. may take several soaks. Old girl scout remedy ; )
good Luck

Brenda Bricco
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This may sound crazy but wet some paper towels with vinegar and lay them on your face, it draws the burn out. Wait a minute... does vinegar have any neg affects with chemo? Find that out and if it's okay it will take the burn right out. Hope you get relief soon!

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Sitting here in the UK having had rain every day for a month I am struggling to squeeze out my sympathy for you :)

Annoying how this chemo sneaks up and ruins your day in strange and perverse ways though. Apply moisturiser and stay in the shade (there you go, that almost felt sympathetic!)


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My mother was told to stay out of direct sunligh when she was on chemo. Her doc was world renowned. Are other doctors conveying this as well?

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Mine did, and so did his nurse on several occasions. Told me to wear long sleeves, hat, sunscreen. One time I had cold sores on my lips from sucking on several popsicles while at a softball tournament, they were really upset and concerned saying it could be a source of infection and I was to keep antibiotics on it.

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I grow Aloe for burns and such, wish I could send you some, but I believe they sell it in various forms in the drugstore.
I feel sorry for your burn!!! Ouch.
Hugs to you,
Winter Marie

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