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I feel it

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Hi All

I want you to all know that I really do feel the love and support coming from each of you.
Reading your words to me, gives me so much hope and courage. I feel surrounded by your strength. I can do this.

For me, fear is a very strong emotion. My outer self can appear to be strong but the inner self has a lot of fear. Mostly of the unknown. So, thank you for your continued words that really boost my courage and hope.

Between all of you and all of my family, I will get through each step of this journey.

I did tell my daughters and son in law, it was not as hard as I thought it would be.
One hard step done! On to the next.

They were all so great and beyond loving. Not only thinking of what I may/will need but what hubby may/will need too.

Huge hugs to each one of you

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Hey sweetie,
I knew it would go fine with the kids...how could it not?...they were raised by you! It will be the same with the grand kids when you tell them. Now you need to take this time before surgery to pamper yourself and Keith. You two will make it through this together and come out afterwards stronger than before! We will all do this together with you.
Much love, positive thinking and prayers, coming from me to you. Love you...Sue

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Posts: 1162
Joined: Aug 2010

Thanks for being there for me.

I spent the evening with my whole family and it felt great.

I'm trying to take care of me..

Huge hugs

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That's beautiful to hear, praying for you....... Vinny

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That is wonderful, Lisha :).

Hugs and warm wishes,


miss maggie
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Dear Lisha,

I was so relieved to read you told your loved ones. You need their love and support,
as you very well know.

Many hugs and prayers. Love Maggie

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Hi Lisha,
Glad to hear that you told your daughters/family, we just want to protect our kids from the craziness! But I think that its always better to tell them the truth. At first when I found out about my dx, I told my older son but didn't tell my younger one. He was I thought more vulnerable, but months later I decided that I had to tell him and surprisingly he handled the news very well (we can sure underestimate them sometimes). Anywho enjoy all the love from your family and from us! Take care, sending you a Huge Hug!


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