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Alternative to swim breast forms

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I haven't come across this discussion on this board or I may have missed it but I tried using bath puffs in place of my heavy swim prosthesis. I bought the "mini net sponge" at Walmart for 78 cents a piece. They fit perfectly in my mastectomy swim suits with pockets. You can even tie the string in a knot to form a nipple!
I came across the instructions on another website to unravel a bath puff then roll, twist and sew but for me, the mini's work fine as is. I have my old suits and if I sew pockets in them they'll be ready to go too. I bought some jumbo puffs at first and wow, they were jumbo! Way too big. I say the minis may be around a B cup size.
So to whoever came up with this idea first...THANK YOU!!!!

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I didn't want to have to buy a swim form,and just avoided the beach but thanks so much for the info,i think id probably take the larger ones i wear a 36c.now have you actually went in the water with this cause im wondering how it looks and how it does when you come out the water, im still trying it as soon as possible. thanks again ~~MollyZ~~

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Our vacation starts this Friday! Based on the inventer and followers of these swim forms, they say they drain the water quickly and retain their form. I'll let you know how I make out! `

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Thanks Cathy! Hope you have a fun and relaxing vacation!

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I had never heard of this! Certainly a more economical idea! Hope you have a great vacation.

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Thank you Gals for sharing.

Vicki Sam

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I love a good fix that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars. Great info.

Hugs, Renee

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The "bath puffs" were a success for me! Just make sure when your swim suit is wet, the color of the puff doesn't show through.

After this vacation, I will never take or wear my original swim breast prosthesis again!

Also, before I left for vacation, I found some breast fillers at Target. I don't remember the exact name but I found them in the bra section with the nipple covers and double sided tape. They were $5.99 for a set. I bought the B/C size and wore them upside down in my sports bras under clothes. They are so light and comfortable, much more so than the foam fillers. The box says they are waterproof. They are intended to fill out swim suits of the less endowed type. I wish I figured this all out 4 years ago when I spent hundreds of dollars on my original prosthesis. I think these forms work for me because I have a small rib cage. Hopefully this will be a good alternative for many of you out there!


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Thanks for sharing this information because I have been relying on my post surgery vest for comfort after work. I am going to definitely try the puffs especially if they work with a sports bra. Compromising2

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What a great idea and they won't hold a lot of water when wet, so will stay lightweight.  Will definitely try this.  I am using the fabric from the cups of my "old bras that are now too large" to make pockets in my swimsuits for the bath puffs.

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There is another type of prosthesis that is specifically made for swimsuits - not the regualr kind that you wear every day.  It is filled with little tiny beads that dry really quickly and is very comfortable.  I go to water aerobics twice a week and use one of these in my suit.  The brand name of mine is Trulife.  I will try the bath puff idea too.

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