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Colon Cancer Alliance - Baltimore, MD: Anyone going???

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About a month ago someone sent me info on the Colon Cancer Alliance, National Conference in Baltimore, MD.

Timing is strange, as I'm feeling better than i have felt in 6 months... and with a break in chemo prior to my colon resection and bag-take down on the 26th of this month, i was thinking... man, it feels like i should go to this conference.

I was feeling "called" to go.

anyway, i signed up... got a flight and hotel and I leave on the 19th for the conference that is Friday and Saturday.

so... is anyone here going?

here's the web site: http://www.ccalliance.org/nationalconference/index.html

I'll share info through out the conference.



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This is fantastic that you signed up for the CCA conference! I can't go because I already had committed to speaking at our Relay for Life, which is also next weekend. I was really bummed when they announced the dates...

Many wonderful people I've met will be there, plus many I'd like to meet but haven't had the chance yet. You will enjoy the conference. Have fun!

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I went 5 years ago. You will love it.

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i wanted to go.. th4 topic this year is cancer find in people under 50..
It was way to expensive for me to afford.
Have a great time.. it sounded really good..

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Thanks inadvance


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I'll be going as well with my boyfriend. Funny thing, my co-workers daughter just started working for the CCA about 2 months ago.


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