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I'm supposed to be meditating for help with stress and stress obesity. Ok, how the HECK do you get your mind to settle down? My mind keeps running around like a squirrel on crack! What is wrong with me? Not only have I NOT lost weight, the trying to meditate is stressing me out! Am I helpless or do ya'll have a secret way of doing this? I think it's making me nuts! Best, debrajo

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Debrajo, remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. Don't be so hard on yourself or impatient. This is a learned skill. I purchased a set of CDs that helped me (Guided Imagery by Andrew Weil, MD). I would play them over - even during my chemo sessions. You can probably get something like this at library, Target, etc. There are also books.

But even starting by practicing deep breathing for several minutes a day will help you slow down. Concentrate on your breath and slowly breathe in to count of 5, hold breath for 5 and slowly exhale to count of 5. Gradually increase time. You can incorporate soothing music and imagine beautiful places.

I think the important thing is your intention to do this. With discipline and practice and time, you will get to your meditative state.

Gentle soothing hugs to you, Mary Ann

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Debrajo, the thing that helps me the most is exercise. Taking long walks outdoors or on the treadmill is my therapy. While walking I listen to music on my iPod which also helps a lot. It also helps me sleep better at night. But I sure understand the anxiety that is hard to keep at bay!

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Thanks ladies! Very good suggestions! I think my biggest problem is carving out time for ME! I remember USE to have time to read,crochet,ect. til mama moved in! I love having her here, but at the end of the day I find myself on the couch staring at a blank wall! Must try harder and remember to trun that darn phone off! Best, debrajo

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try some guided meditation on the deepak chopra site :-)

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