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Squamous Cell Carcinoma on my right hand

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I recently was diagnosed (accidentally I might add) with a large Squamous Cell Carcinoma on my right hand extending to last two fingers. It has been surgically removed and a full thickness skin graft performed with additional lump removal (from left forearm) and 9 biopsies also done during recovery time. The skin graft site has healed well, but three weeks after surgery a new wound opened up to the side of the skin graft. This has been biopsied

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(right on the skin graft/ wound where they met) and the results came back as nice new skin growth. This wound is now refusing to heal (the secondary wound not skin graft) and am wondering if I should ask my doctor for yet another biopsy on the non healing wound given it is so close to the original squamous cell carcinoma? Here in Australia the demographic for this cancer is approx 75yrs Male and worked in sun all life, I am however only 39, female and never worked in the sun, and only had two sunburns as a child no further exposures resulting in burns as an adult. Given the non treatable nature of the type of cancer ( once it metatisizes, neither chemo or radiation is of any benefit, and expectancy is average 2 years) I am seeking advice on what to do next? All answers or advice would be appreciated!

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Thanks for your sharing, waiting for replies.

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