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Got good news today

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It has been four weeks since my last lab test, and seven weeks since my last chemo. My CA-125 went from 60 to only 79. That is a much smaller increase than when I ended my second round of chemo. I was very happy.

I will start on homone therapy now. I will start on aromasin which is a newer aromatase inhibitor. It is like Femara, like several others on on. It will be interesting to see if it does anything to slow down the rise of the CA -125. I won't go back for six weeks.

I still will continue with the daily blood thinner shots. I sure have some sore spots in my abdomen from these shots.

I still have problems with nausea. I have even resorted to getting " sea bands" that people wear on cruises to help with ea sickness. They cause acupressure to help with nausea. They seem to be working. May be just a placebo effect, but I will continue to wear them.

Still don't have hair coming back yet. We've been havin 100 plus temperatures, so I have not worn my wig for weeks.

Wishing everyone a good weekend. In peace and caring.

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You definitely deserve good news. I hope the nausea subsides - I know many people who use those bands. I don't think it's placebo.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer - your garden, cooler weather, and enjoy NED!!!

God bless. Mary Ann

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Ro we all need some good news no matter how small. I sure know i could use some but hearing that of my sisters here is the next best thing Keep that cute face cool in this heat.

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So pleased the rise in CA-125 is small - I know that's what you were hoping for. Long may it stay like this for you, so you can e njoy a long chemo break.
I've been on Femara for 2 weeks now, so much too early to tell if it's having an effect (I think they normally check at around 3 months). I see my oncologist on the 25th, so I will ask her about the different types of hormones and try to find out why she though Femara was the best one for me. So far, I have no side effects.
It's interesting that none of the aromatase inhibitors (Femara, Arimidex, Aromasin) seem to be approved for endometrial cancers but lots of oncologists seem to be prescribing them rather than progestins - I've searched the internet and can't find much in the way of clinical trials. But the evidence must be out there somewhere - my oncologist is heavily into "evidence based" medicine, so she must know something we don't, otherwise she wouldn't prescribe them!
I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that we both do well on them.
Kindest wishes

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My doctor suggested the Aromasin for me because I had tried Arimidex before. He said Femara and Arimidex work the same, and aromasin works a little different. My doctor said he talked to about ten different doctors. Their first recommendation was tamoxifen, but he then told them about my blood clots, and they said not to use that.

Hope you continue to do well. In peace and caring.

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Thanks for the information, Ro. I will ask my onc. about the differences when I see her. My appointment has been postponed until August (should have been next week), although there's no real urgency and I know that if I am worried about anything, I can get hold of her or get an appt. if I really need it.
Kindest wishes

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I had just been wondering about how you were doing Ro. That's wonderful news. And placebo effect or not, relief is relief. Our minds are very powerful!


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Double Whammy
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May you continue to do well. You made it through the ugly chemo and it did its job. Hooray hooray.

About the aromatase inhibitors, I take Arimidex for my ER+ breast cancer. My med onc said "they" use it for endo cancers as well. While my cancer was early stage, low grade adenocarcinoma and did not require any treatment other than surgery, my little mind likes to think that the Arimidex is insurance for that part, too. Seems like I had a lot of estrogen hungry stuff growing a couple of years ago . . .


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Sara Zipora
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Good news!
May we all catch some!!

Chaya Sara Zipora

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Very happy for you!

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Wishing you all the best. trish

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That's a minimal change in ca125 that long after finishing chemo which should mean chemo did a good job. May you enjoy a nice long break! Hope the temps and the nausea settle down a bit so you can enjoy your garden more.
Have a lovely summer!

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Ro, it's amazing how bonded we've all become. I know you've been busy and yet you take the time to include us in your list of folks to keep informed on how great things are going. Thank-You, and just a goofy thing I do for nausea, burnt toast. I haven't tried it for all of this that we're going through, however I find the simple things often work. Beautiful news on an awesome morning here in las Vegas. Marie

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Great news, Ro!

Sending you hugs!

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This is such great news......I'm pulling for you to have a very, very long time off and hoping the CA125 keeps on moving down hill F A S T....

Sending you loads of positive vibes and know you're in my prayers!!


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So glad to hear you're recovering from the latest treatments and keeping your spirits up. Keep kicking butt!

Liz in Dallas

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Hi Ro:

So glad to hear that everything went so well for you. I hope that you do not have to go through any more chemo and that you remain cancer free. I will keep you in my prayers.


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Have always admired your stalwart spirit! You have come through so many treatments with flying colors! So it's great to hear that your CA125 is looking pretty good.

Keep wearing the sea bands; even sailors wear them to prevent nausea. And don't forget real grated ginger (or ginger capsules by Nature's Way, two an hour) if you're feely queasy.


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