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Home with answers and a plan

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Hi All

Happy Friday the 13th

Well I am home. My little appointment turned into an all day many departments type of visit.

First, I LOVE my new Onc and her attending Onc. They are both amazing and so far are the perfect fit for me. This is a first, to meet two new Docs and right away think they are the best. This has never happened before. This is my lucky friday the 13th!

My new onc/team leader is a straight shooter with compassion. She tells it like it is. No sugar coating or whishy washy answers. She is very open and clear when answering my questions. They both are warm and kind and really listened to me. That made me feel so much better about everything. Don't get me wrong, I am still scared..

I will need major surgery and that part scares me the most right now. They are trying to find an open time slot for next week. If they cannot it will be the week after. She didn't want to wait to long, so I am guessing that they will find a time for me. I'll let you know. She said to expect about 4 to 5 days in the hospital if all goes as planned.

I asked her what she believes is going on. She said that based on the ct and all the symptoms she is 85-90% positive it is cancer. Not 100% sure it's ovarian, but she is leaning that way. The tumor size and how it looks on ct plus all the symptoms say ovarian cancer. So, surgery first, then recover then most likely chemo.

After my visit with the Docs, I went and had all the pre-op stuff done too. EKG, blood work and all the pre surgery info. So, I guess I am good to go. Just waiting for the gal to call me with a date and time.

This week has really been a super whirlwind. Feels like I've been riding the rides at Disneyland and need to get off and take a break. Whew...

Oh and the new Womens Cancer center is pretty fabulous too. I know I am in good hands and that I am in the right place for this. The head of the center is also the head of the entire country's gyn onc consortium. They do all the main research for all the other main cancer centers. Like Sloan kettering, MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins etc. Pretty cool. So, if I have to have this new unwanted journey, at least I have the most up to date Docs around.
And I only live 5 minutes away!

I still really need some prayers and positive energy as this is going to be one hell of a ride.
I am scared but so far keeping it together. I'm sure that my many meltdowns will come. Right now I just feel like I am outside my self talking and dealing.

So thats the news. It's crappy and I wish it were not so. But I will fight on and I will need you guys as you are the best support I have ever had.
Plus, I am always still here to support you too! Never forget that.

Love you all, you all are my pillars and are so incredible. Thanks you for being the wonderful and great people that you are.

Some day we all must have a real face to face and big ole group hug!

Onward we go...

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Sounds like a very full Friday the 13th indeed! Scary, but you sound as if you are in good hands. God bless

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You sound relieved lisha. Great docs can do so much to ease our fears. You have my arms around you in heart. Don't forget...we can do this!!!!

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Wow Lisha,

It does sound like you're in good hands and I know that must be
some comfort at a time like this. Interesting how things do
synchronize and I'm taking that as a good sign :).

Thanks for keeping us updated and know lots of positive thoughts, energy
and prayers are coming your way. Meltdowns are welcome!
Please keep in touch as much as you feel like during your procedure(s).

Wish I had my usual smart azz silly things to say but can't come up with anything
right now :). I just gave two dogs a bath, got kind of scratched up and
water everywhere but they seem happier now and certainly smell better ;).

Hugging you from North Carolina,


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Sounds like you just about covered it all and it was a lot to cover too. That big group HUG sounds just GREAT to me. We are spread all over the country and even some across the world,but sometimes it feels like right next door.John

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Hi Lisha,
Whew! You certainly did have a full day! I'm so glad you are happy with your team of doctors and the Womens Cancer Center. I went to their web site and browsed around and watched a video. Stanford is definetely top notch, and how grand for you to only live 5 minutes away. Beats the heck out of having to fly to Texas and go through what you went through before! I hope between now and the time you get the surgery date that you can relax a little bit....spend some quiet time in your lovely back yard. My heart aches for what's ahead of you, but we will be here every step of the way. I'm just so thankful that you are in good hands and a plan is underway. You are "ALWAYS" in my prayers, my Libra friend. Hopefully your "scales" will feel more balanced as things proceed... we Libra's so need to have all of our ducks in a nice neat row. :) Love you sweetie...Sue

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Nothing like having trust in your doctors, I will be praying real hard for a complete recovery! I know I don't have to say this to you, but never give up! Vinny

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Wow- quite a Friday the 13th! I am so happy that you love your docs and that they are so connected with all of those great institutions! It's so great to know you are in a great place with the best care.

God Bless you. We are all with you every step of the way. You are in my prayers. You can do this!!


miss maggie
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My dear friend Lisha,

Right now I am so relieved, I have tears in my eyes. I am so sorry, this is the way
I am. My tears are happy tears. First, I am so glad how confident you are with your
new team. You are feeling some what better considering. To be 5 minutes away from Stanford is a miracle. Less stress, and close to home sweet home and family.

I have always known you have been and will always be there for all of us. Right now,
all my energy and positive energy is directed to you and your recovery.

May God walk with you Lisha. Many, many hugs from me to you. Love Maggie

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Dear Maggie and Liz

After reading both your posts, I need to reply to you two.

Please Please never feel like you have to be careful with your words or filter what you say to protect another. Especially me. This is why the group is so great. We can say anything ( John, you be careful) to one another and feel safe in doing so. This is the place to share our most scary thoughts and fears and also the positve steps along the way. And tears, well we all have those. I have bucket fulls lately.

Cancer is scary and when someone we care about is dealing with it, for the first time or a recurrance, well we feel it too.

I know that since I joined in the summer of 2010, the support I have received is like no other. And the friendships that have been formed, well those are for always. Even though we have never met face to face, it feels like we have.

So please never filter your feelings or be concerned about saying what you feel.
We all know the reality of cancer and even though I may deal with it different from the next person, well we all get scared and we all have strength.

You guys are the best

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Dear Lisha,
You sound a lot better, I know it's still scary but I'm positive that you will get through this. Having a great team of Doctors and trusting them can make all the difference in the world. I want to apologize for freaking out on you on one of my earlier post, I wasn't thinking straight and didn't put a filter from my brain to my typing (sorry)! You know that we are all here for you Dear Lisha, I'm constantly thinking and praying for you! (((HUGS)))


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