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Hey Everybody!
Just a quick update to let you all know I am fine......better than fine actually. The Cyberknife is being classified as 100% successful in destroying the 2 brain mets. They will rescan in 30 days and at that time they will decide on a new chemo regime...if any is even needed. I am still on IV antibiotics at home for 10 days for pnemonia that I got when that Folfox made my immune system crash. I will start to taper off the steroids in 3 days that they had to put me on for the Cyberknife procedure. I have gained 22 pounds from those and have NEVER been so swollen in my life. I HAVE HUGE CANKLES!!! I look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy..LOL....for real....I am a mess..BUT...BUT...BUT..... I did it....suck my Deeeek cancer!!!!!!

I have to recoup now and get this bod back on track but that's doable! Brain mets scared the hell out of me but really it's like getting it in any other organ....just deal with it and move on. That's the plan and I'm sticking with it.

Hey Craig....I have decided in celebration of this accomplishment I am taking the kids to a Cowboys game August 25th. You and Kim get your party pants ready.....I am coming to town! .....BETH????? You game?


Love you all


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Posts: 1792
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Peeps like YOU giving support Tara...... I mean it.....you take time out of your world......and changed mine...... Me and God......will never forget that....ever.


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I am preparing to have cyberknife on my liver soon and have wondered about the outcomes. Reading your story is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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So happy to read your post. All of us have been thinking about you. You are a super hero who has "gone where no one has gone before" and back to us with such courage, and spunk. Prayers for healing. Thank you so much for being back here so soon to let us know how you are dong. NB

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I have just been checking in here and there over the past few months. It is college visit time for my oldest so its been a bit hectic......but just wanted to say I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER TO READ YOUR GOOD NEWS! Hope you heal quickly.


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HEY Jennie, I was away with no access to Internet. Happy tears in my eyes, you ROCK girl,
way to go. Who cares about a few extra pounds, more to love I always say.
Enjoy life, hugs, Marjan


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