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Remove central port??

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After my ovary, fallopian tube, and omentum were removed, I had a central port put in because the onco (not a PMP specialist) was assuming I would do chemo. BUT, now that I am seeing Dr. Lowy, he does not want me to do chemo but just have the HIPEC in a few months. I want to have the central port removed. Dr. Lowy's nurse says they probably would not use the port but you never know what will be the final results after surgery. She said it is totally up to me if I have it removed but as for now they do not see a need for it. I really want it out bad, but I'd hate to just have to put it in again soon. Any thoughts? I guess if I had to put it in again, it will be about 3 months or so, and it isn't that big of a deal.

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I don't know if you are considering any integrative treatment. If you decide to have high dose IV vitamin C or nutirtional IVs, the port will be a godsend.

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OH, I never thought about the nutrtional IV people being able to use the port! I just so hate having this foreign body in me for months when I didn't think I would need it. BUT, I am going to do vit C IVs! That is probably a good enough reason to keep it. Thanks!

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I had my power port inserted two years ago. I'm keeping it. It makes blood draws and contrast CT's/MRI's much easier. Plus my veins stay healthy!


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