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anyone taken this mix of chemo?

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Mitomycin,5-FU AND Cisplatin along with radiation?I should be stating this cocktail sometime next week and wondered if anyone has taken these together and what their reactions were.thanks in advance

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I had the mito and 5 fu. The cisplatin is less toxic and like Liz said they use this for metastasis. I have not heard of them using all 3. With the progress that is being made with tx, I would imagine that this cocktail has been used before. I wish you well. Lori

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I'm sorry that I can't give you any good info on this combination. I only know that some doctors prefer using the Cisplatin, due to less toxicity. I have not heard of anyone getting the Mito/Cisplatin/5FU combo. Perhaps this is something new that I just have not heard about yet. Also, your docs may be taking a very aggressive approach, due to your mets. I hope that you will be able to begin your treatment next week and get things started, and as always, you'll be in my prayers.

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I have had all of them. I first had MIT/5FU. After the first week and a change of doctors,I was hosptalized due to severe toxicity, not sure if the DR. Death lady had her staff mix the incorrect amount or what. There was definitely some weird stuff going on in that doctor's office. She actually came in the chemo room saying okay we are getting your cocktail ready for your rectal cancer. I was so shaken from having the big C anyhow I about fell out and said uh I have anal cancer isn't the protocol totally different? That is what you told me. I should have gotten up right then. Thanks to a patient advocate lady at my radiation place, I am alive today. She got an appt with a new oncologist and he hospitalized me immediately. Never really found out what the heck but suspected I had some genetic thing with the chemo.1K dollar uncovered test later revealed inconclusive results. Because of the severe toxicity and me close to not coming out of it, my chemo was eventually changed but it was too late. I was already full of toxic junk and everything was delayed including radiation. The Cisplatin was better but I was so sick by then I couldn't even really tell and I was only gettting half doses. All this said I am happy to say I am doing ok. Side effects include: pooping pants, leaking pee, joint pain periodically, stomach/intestinal pains, blood in urine, itchy flaky and sometimes bleeding from thin skin butt, and some kind of skin condition on hands that noone can figure out peeling fingertips cracking and bleeding. I am over the neuropathy and almost never have sciatic issues any longer. My hair fell out, well I had it shaved bfore it all fell out. It's ok though because it is all back and then some. Good luck hon, stay positive, remember you are never alone! God always has your back and in the midst of all the fog and chemo brain He is there

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