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Tongue swollen this morning

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woke up and boom swollen tongue met me. I knew I was starting to sound worse than I had been and the swelling has been reduced for weeks, however since RADS its back heading to RAD doctor now hoping he has an answer/ has anyone who did not have surgery experience a swollen tongue during RADS

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Got to where I really could not talk. For me, this occured with a couple of weeks of rads left, and lasted about two months. Greg53 tells me his lasted more loke 4 months.

keep the faith


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...and because it was so swollen...I bit my tongue on the edges all the time....man I hated that ..but I was fortunate I had a feeding tube in the stomach and could eat via that tube.



Posts: 660
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quick responsees,, its always a new ride on this journey, just when I could talk and eat and chemo was not so bad RADS are taking there toll. But I do feel better after your replies knowing it happens/ now I can relax and see what the Doc has to say.

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Hmmm, I used to bite the insides of my cheeks after rads..., more than likely related I'm sure.


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and the DR. said that is partially causing the swelling. New pills for the nitestand, just glad they confirmed the thrush, I have fought him before and won, hopefully will do the same now. Im going to order a shirt that says "Ditto with a D" Pharmacist said they did not have my scripts so I tried speaking again Oh she said I thought you said B as in Boy, plhem can alter ones speech I guess. Also made it thru Rad 13 on Friday the 13th. The way I was feeling before getting there and speaking with the Doc, I told Diane I would just have to skip todays RADs to puny to go thru it, in fact I told her on the way to RADS I was likely to tell them enough is a enough no more for me. I have read the damage it does to people and what it is doing to me. Well thank goodness I calmed down and after a good talk with the Doc we will proceed Tminus 20 more. So what a difference a day makes. For my Religious Friends on this site, I was once told allow 3 days and see if it does not get better, From Crucifixtion to the Resurrection took 3 days. Sorry for going from whining to picking up the torch and running with it a few miles. But I guess thats what we all hope for, as Skiffin said now pull up your britches and move on (or something like that)._

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this week sure is one sucky week, huh? I'm glad you changed your mind about rads...you aren't the first I'm sure who said NO MORE EVER!! When I had my last day one of the things they said to me was many people take days off...I was laughing cuz I didn't know you could call in sick...LOL. Thing is, when it gets to be too much, you CAN take a day off, ok?

I think 3 days is a good waiting periood...I like that thinking!


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Haven't I given you the GroundHogs Day speach yet....

That's the preriod you are in right now...GroundHogs Day...like the movie.

Same thing every day, day, after day, after day, after day.....

You just forget everything else, rely heavily on your wife and others to handle everything else, and you just deal on getting through day by day.

Each day you learn a little more about yourself, your metal, what your made of, what you can achieve, what works and what doesn't.... it's a fast learning curve.....you just do it.

You can do it, we all do it, you have to do it....there is no quitting, never give up, never give in.

Look at the big picture, it's a few weeks of sacrifice and suffering in a lifetime,,you can do it.

Thoughts and Prayers will keep you strong,

Kent Cass
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Not so much a swelling of the tongue compared to swelling of the gum tissue in the mouth for me. My tongue issue came in the form of flesh-colored stripes running lengthwise down my tongue, which my Onco called "Scalding," but which healed rather nicely during tx.

Likely just all part of the experience, Ditto. Earning the 2nd chance at life. This is the big C, you know. Here and there over the years I've gotten the impression a few people just don't grasp the seriousness of this C thing that's come into their life, and we try to encourage them with info and borderline sympathy, but ain't a one of us should make like it's not a big deal- because it is. Before tx started I came to a point of acceptance of the C, and that I'd go with the treatment my C team was talking about doing. At that point and time I found a couple little sayings that helped me thru it all: 1) I'm gonna survive this thing, so nothing else matters; and 2)Come what may...

You are doing very right by keeping your Drs in the Loop, and staying on top of the physical issues coming at you. It is a battle, Ditto. Keep fighting it, and-



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