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Judy and Don

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I think of both of you so much and wonder what you have heard recently on Don. I have started to write you several times from my IPAD but that crazy pad does not do e-mails well for me and I just started back on my regular computer.

Vince and I were avid motorcyclists so Identify with you guys on that. Is Don's pain in his abdomen subsiding at all? You saidhe felt better the other day.

Please let us know what is happening and how you are coping. Not great, I am sure, if you are like the rest of us caregivers. I was an emotional wreck for so long taking care of Vince and just trying to survive myself. Its really unbelievable how you do get thru it tho.

My heart goes out t all of you on this site.

I see Sandy, Paul, Sherry, William and Loretta and me on here and so many new names. I think the 6 of us have EC so imprinted in our minds and hearts that we will never let it go. I know I will be an advocate for eradicating EC forever.
Sometimes I have to take a break from the site BUT I am drawn right back here again. The good news lifts me up to the heavens and the bad news. Well you know what that does.

Sandy, Paul and William have survived this BEAST for quite sometime and they are our heros.
Loretta, Sherry and I are the caregivers.
We have been in the trenches too but want to help so much..
I know at times I may seem jaded by this Beast BUT I do have hope that one day ,ONE DAY SOON,we can kiss this Beast goodby


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Yes, we do love our bikes! Haven't been on them too much lately, although we did take a short ride to dinner night before last. I rode mine and he rode his. I didn't want to add to the weight he was handling.

As I wrote, nothing cancer or ulcer related showed up on the scope this morning. He is still in a great deal of pain it was like a '10' just before he went in for scope. Maybe scar tissue and severed nerves - who knows. At first I was elated that nothing bad was obvious, but now I realize that he still has the pain.

We'll see how long he puts up with it before he wants to do something else. We are planning a trip to Sturgis, but I don't know how in the world he is going to manage that if he feels like he does now.

Thank you for hanging in there with us - the trenches is a good name for it. All caregivers can relate to that term.

I appreciate you pioneers more each day. Thank you for staying beside us.

Hugs and FEC,

Posts: 377
Joined: Oct 2010

Keep us informed on how Don is doing.

We are here for you ANYTIME.


Posts: 377
Joined: Oct 2010

Keep us informed on how Don is doing.

We are here for you ANYTIME.


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Mrs botch,
In researching pasts posts I saw your husband had constant drainage of chest fluid. Sid he have a tap? What was prognosis at that point? I am so heartbroken to find my mom is at the same stage now and I'm trying to research as much as possible regarding her condition.

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Barb, You're right, Ec will always be a part of our lives. I hope I can help others by example of being a survivor.I would never take where I'm at lightly.

I will get results of a ct scan Monday. I am coming up on five years in Nov. I don't know why I have been putting so much emphasis on the date. I told my husband yesterday, I have more anxiety this time than I ever had. He reminded me how blessed we've been for the time I've had. He's right, there really isn't anything to worry about. Life is still and will always be just one day at a time.

I will be shouting the good results to you all on Monday,

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I will be thinking about you. Good Luck on your results, I guess the anxiety never goes away.

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Please let me know hour results. I just know in my heart that you have beat the beast for good.

Love ya


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I'll be praying for your happiness and for good results!

Thank you so much for posting. It gives me perspective on what the future holds. I go for my first follow-up endoscopy on Tuesday. PET scan and CT's to be determined. The ENT (otolaryngologist) told me in January, when he was giving me the synopsis of what to expect, that the five year mark is when they give you a clean bill of health. The discussion here has so much more impact on me now after my treatments and hearing it from you.

Thank you,

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