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New, PTCFV, Question about enlarged lymph nodes

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I'm new here, I had papillary TC follicular VariNt in 2010, thyroidectomy in Oct. 10., RAI in Nov. 10. Ever since, I've had bouts of hoarseness, fullness in my throat, as if my food hasnt completely settled into my stomach, or like I have a pill stuck in my throat....much like I had before the TT surgery. I have episodes of severe hives, to the point that we are never without liquid/spray benedryl at home or in my purse. I've told this to my endo, and they say "Hmmmm tell your family dr" the family dr just brushes me off as well. Fine. Now I've got a lymph node, actually it feels like a little rope of lumps, enlarged and tender, under my ear and behind my jaw bone. I'm not sick, haven't been sick, no infections, nothing to get this flared. I called the endo and was told that I need to be seen asap! Monday morning at 8:30 is the earliest I can get in due to my work schedule, they wanted me in today! They were asking if my lymph nodes were removed during surgery, or if I've been "scanned" recently, etc! My neck is pretty itchy and red below the node, is this a real concern?? Anyone else have something similar? I mean, up till now, they have not been concerned about anything I've told them, now they want to see me asap! Just don't want to spend the weekend giving worry to something that doesn't need it!

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I still get hoarse from time to time - my TT was in sept. 2010 and a neck dissection in march 2011. I had a flare up in my lymph nodes that appeared tp be a reoccurrence in November...and had a surgery to remove them....the pathology came back as reactive hyperplasia....a benign condition.

You did not mention if you had lymph nodes removed...however my surgeon has helped me understand these changes in my lymph nodes as the way my body has adapted to having fewer than normal.( I have had about 65 removed). The ones remaining must compensate for the loss of the others..and therefore may seem larger at times.

Definitely proceed though and get yours checked out thoroughly. Hopefully, like mine, it's more an allergic response and nothing more serious,

Good luck

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