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prostate, bone lung cancer

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My husband was diagnosed with cancer although all tests were taken speciaslist say they `re all inconclusive but that he has all the cancers in subject line and has a few months to live. They have no idea where it started only that it mestatisized. It is so confusing and i can't get genuine answers. Last September he had chest exrays, catscan ultrasounds all because he had a virus in his heart, no cancershowed then and he seen his doc every two weeks and nothing was picked up on. Its hard to get my head around that in February he was back to being healthy nd now come May hes dying. He had 9 radiation sessions to 6 different areas , he can't have chemo because hesnot strong enough so they are doing nothing.

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I just came across your post and am so very sorry to hear about your husband and his prognosis in July. My prayers are with you, life can be so unfair.
God bless you

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No matter what type of cancer you have, if it has spread to the brain or to the spine, 
or anywhere in the body where an increase in the size of the tumor, no matter

if temporary, would cause pain and dysfunction, you almost always must use the
suggestions given in the Brain/Spinal Tumor protocol. You may find them at:

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My Dad's case is the same. The tests show that the cells spread out too but the cause is inconclusive and that the source of the cancer cells are undetermined but they think its from the pancreas that spread to his bones. I know how you feel that you don't know what happened. Goodluck to us. :)

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