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Scan question-post surgeries and chemo

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Having a L lung lobectomy and R lung and L liver tumor removed/wedged etc., I realize my chances for reoccurence are high.
The lobectomy hes been an uncomfortable and long recovery...it was in Feb. Anyone else experienced this? Talk about the 'new normal'
I am trying to find the balance...

My oncologist has one more Folfox treatment scheduled (a total of 8) and she wants a scan 3 weeks after the infusion.
IF it is clear will the Protocol be a scan every 3 months?

I am so praying I can get back to work at the end of August. I am concerned about long term disability kicking in.
It has been a long 8 months and I know going back to work will be good for my mind and is a necessity.

You certainly cant rush cancer treatments...ugh
One day and hour at a time with hope scheduled in the future and wellness!

Any thoughts appreciated.

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This darn cancer can drive us crazy. It sounds like with good rest and time you are going to be good to go. Maybe see if work will let you do stuff from home. To keep your mind fresh. I'm praying you continue to heal and have a great recovery. Jeff

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My scans post chemo are every 4 months, not three months, with a doctor appointment and blood work every two months. So, one time I see the doctor along with CEA and blood tests and the next visit I see him with scans. This is the new protocol at my oncology center; it did used to be every three months but now is every four.

I can identify with so much of what you are saying and the "new normal" and high chance of recurrence etc. and just hoping you can get back to work at some point (I lost my job due to not being able to extend FMLA leave long enough for the treatments).

Wishing you the best!


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