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Accupuncture-Has anyone had treatments?

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Hi all:
Yesterday I had folfox #7 and an accupuncturist stopped by and offered a treatment and introduced her services.
I tried it. It was not painful.

I am wondering if anyone has used it for the varied symptoms we all experience with our surgeries and treatments.

I hope to try some sessions but need to check if it is covered under my insurance plan.
They do offer grant assistance.

Unfortunately, it is an hour to trace to Northwestern hospital in Chicago for these services but I thought it
might be worthwhile.

I am not sure if our cancer wellness center, closer to home, offers accupuncture. I know they offer free reiki and message therapy.

I bounced back from this infusion because they made it a longer session due to having a reaction on
#6 and gave me benedryl and steroids first.

Thanks for letting me post.

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My husband was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer in 2005. He had accupuncture done several times.

It helped very much. He had post surgery accupuncture. We believe in Alternative medicine, and treatment.

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My husband is trying acupuncture. He has only had 2 treatments and relief already from chemo issues, mainly hip pain and neuropathy. It is not close for us either and not covered under our insurance but it is worth the $65 at this point. I may even try it myself. I hope it gives you some relief also.

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My Neighbor has had accupuncture treatments for years. She is a Breast cancer survivor but hes used accupunture for other ailments.
I am going to pursue treatments.

Thank you for sharing. I hope it helps you too.

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Hi Barbebarb,

Dick has been getting acupuncture the day after he is unhooked from the pump. He has been getting it for the past year and it does make a difference in his side effects. Two different times he wondered if it was really helping and he didn't go after chemo. Both times he felt quite a bit worse.

We talked about it yesterday and believe that Dick has been able to endure 80+ chemo treatments because of the combination of naturopath treatments, exercise and eating well. Mind you he isn't perfect in any of these areas but he does a great job of eating a lot of greens, exercising when he feels well, going for acupuncture, taking his supplements, taking care of his spiritual self and getting in the ocean as much as possible. This is working for him right now although it is very hard at times.

Best to you.


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A good Accupuncturist can be amazing in pain and healing. I did not consult with him before he treated me. He asked me to be quiet as I laid down on the table and he pinched and pushed on me left and right. After 5 mins of this. He was really pale. He told me, " I hate to tell you this have you been tested for Colon Cancer?" I knew I had a good Accupunturist Doc at that point.

The treatments would relax my body and make me less stressed. There are occasional needles that can be mildly uncomfortable, but not hurt. If anything hurts be sure to tell the acupunturist.

Best Always, mike

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so barb i use it for getting the che moving, simulating immune system. it depends on the skill of the practioneer. i use it get combo accupture and qigong for about 2 hours a session with real long needles.

only costs %35 aud here.

did not use accuptuncture for my chemo, but would have tried it.


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