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Cramping after surgery

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I am 16 days post-op. My ovary, fallopian tube, and omentum were removed. They stopped there because the gyno/onco found it was a muconious cancer, and not ovarian. Anyhow, my question is, is it normal to have very bad cramping still. It does appear to be gas. It does seem relieved from passing it, but it can build up for hours or overnight until I get relief. How long can this last for? Thanks!

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Same thing happened to me after hysterectomy...and a burst appendix...and two c-sections for several weeks. Nurse told me that the intestants do not like to be touched and will not coome back"on-line" sometimes. Also, sometimes the dr.s ise compressed air or gasses to expand their field of sight to get a better look around. This may not be your problem, but it sure was mine! Hope you feel better soon. Best, debrajo

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