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Has Anyone Tried Fra-infrared Saunas?

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With high ferritin levels since my second transfusion eight months ago, I keep reading that saunas are really good for cancer patients (heating the body up helps to not only detoxify but to antagonize cancer cells); I read that infrared saunas are perhaps the best.

Even if they're beneficial for us, how often do we have to use them to GET those benefits?
And even in a large city such as mine, darned if I can find a single gym or sauna that offers infra-red sauna except for one that will charge me "only" twenty dollars per session if I do them three times a week. That's nearly three hundred dollars a month, gang. Can hardly afford it but perhaps I will have to.


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though I don't have any experience with a sauna of this type.

It's a bed-like platform with a panel of jade protuberances underneath the surface. The jade "probes" undulate, and provide far infrared heat. It's not exactly comfortable, but it's relaxing on the whole. While lying on the bed I can also use small hand-held devices with several of the probes on them, to apply to my front and sides.

I have no idea how easy it is to find a "spa" with options like this. There's a place in my town that provides access to these beds for $60/month (for which you could go 6 days/week, for a 35-minute session).

I also know of several places that manufacture far-infrared mats, and that might be a more cost-effective option for you. The manufacturer of the beds that I use has a mat for a couple hundred dollars; I know of others (larger mats, maybe better quality) that have them for about $500.

I have no way of telling whether this treatment has been helpful for me. For a while, I was being very devoted, and going probably 20 times/month. It is relaxing and calming if nothing else.

Feel free to message me if you want more information about vendors.

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My naturopath is a huge advocate of this type of sauna. She even has one in her office. There are small, personal models that aren't very expensive that consist of an insulated "tent" you sit in, with your head and hands sticking out. You sit on a stool inside of the tent.
I don't know if using any form of these is advisable during chemo, as anything detoxing can be hard on the system while in treatment.

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I appreciate both of your comments on the likely benefits of infrared saunas. One doctor's blog claimed that the only way he could lower his own high ferritin level was to take IP-6 and do these saunas, 3-4 times a week, for several months.

Am thrilled to hear that Namaste Center has one and advocates its use as I'll be out there next week!


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We have an infrared sauna and I will begin my journey so am very pleased to hear this positive information. We have a larger Sunlighten Sauna, they also sell small portable saunas that fit over smaller areas of the body. You will have Google and look at the posiblities.
Best Wishes & God's Blessings,

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