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6 month scan

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Hi All,

Been awhile since my last visit and I hope everyone is well. I do check every so often without signing in. I had an appointment with my oncologist this morning for a checkup and to discuss my latest ct scan ( 6 month post op) I had last Thursday. Great news as she said the scans were excellent with no signs of cancer. Blood work results were good as well except for triglycerides and cholesterol being a little high. It was a great relief as I had been stressing a bit over the results. I am going to celebrate by taking a road trip to Seattle for 10 days. I see lots of seafood in my immediate future!

Health and happiness to all,


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What is up with the site? What is drupal?

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Wayne, good to hear from you. Enjoy your celebratory trip. Getting any golf in? I don't recall you telling us about your trial experience in any detail - how was it? Anyway, it's great to hear you're so very well - long may it continue.

You may have seen me explain to Alice that Drupal is a big open-source Content Management system, suitable for major websites like government sites. CSN is obviously using it.

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Hi Tex,

I am almost finished with the 4th cycle of the 9 cycle trial. I am still not sure if I am receiving the drug or placebo. The only thing I am experiencing is random extreme fatigue. I can be fine for a week, then find myself fighting to stay awake at work the next week. Fatigue being a side effect, that could be the cause or it could be me pushing myself by waking up early to exercise. Another side effect is elevated cholesterol and triglycerides which my lab work showed today however they are still near my baseline numbers so it could be a reflection on the summer bbq season. Overall I am feeling pretty good. Even my incision site seems almost back to normal, just a little numbness and minimal scar tissue. I have been proudly showing it off at our local golf resort swimming pool! I must confess that I have not been golfing as much as I would like but with summer here and temps in the high 90's to low 100's, it is more water based sports for now.

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Wayne, Forget about this Cancer stuff and enjoy your trip to Seattle. I have family there and have visited about 6 times in the last 10 years. Last year we drove up to Paradise on Mt. Ranier and spent a few days in the San Juan Islands. About 6 years ago we spent a week on the Olympic Penninsula. Enjoy


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Congratulations on the great news! It does feel good, doesn't it? Clear your mind of worry and have a great trip, you deserve it.

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Congrats on the NED Wayne!!! Good to hear everything is going well, enjoy your trip, you've earned it.


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Hi Wayne and all,
Congratulations on your results. I also haven't been too active on the site over the last couple of months. I'm also coming up on my 1st 6-month check up in September.

I've tried to stay busy and do everything that I can. I've been on a few motorcycle trips and I've found that the longest one, about 320miles out at at ~14-weeks after surgery was bit tough. I found that I was not back to 100% energy and stamina. I guess that I'd been feeling so good that I forgot about surgery. The good thing is that nothing hurt. (last week when I was on vacation, I rode about 650 miles on a motorcycle and drove another 400 in my sister's van. I'm tired today, but that's mostly getting in at 1:30 this morning on the west coast after getting up at 5:30 in upstate NY yesterday morning. Oh well, I don't mean to hijack the thread.


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I love hearing this stuff. This is why we post. To share the good news, motivation and promise. Nice Wayne. ..Ed keep on riding.

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