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Hemorrhoid relief and after tx constipation

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Do any of you have a suggestion for my daughter's painful constipation and hemorrhoids? She has the "urge" to move the bowels, but it feels like "it won't come out". There is some stenosis and some bulging hemorrhoids that are contributing to the pain. She's tired OTC stool softener. And under the doctor's recommendation, a Ducolax suppository and waiting to try the oral laxative. She's drinking lots of water, trying to sit in the tub for a bit. Running out of ideas.

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Please tell your daughter we sympathize with her so much. It's so very uncomfortable. A double dose of Miralax might help. It's over-the-counter. I'd just double check with her doctor first though, just to be sure it's ok. Walking around might also help get things moving.

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I agree with Rose. Walking will help her bowels move. If she's able to do this, I hope she'll give it a try. I'm sorry she's having to experience this.

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Thanks so much. We'll try the walking tomorrow..it was raining today, but even if it were cool and dry outside, I'm afraid that she couldn't handle it today. Emotions were running high and exhaustion is taking its toll. At least we're through the ChemoRT !

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During my TX the dietitian told me I could drink a half cup of warm prune juice daily for constipation. I never did it because I couldn't stand the thought and the diarrhea hit not too long after. I do understand how uncomfortable the cramping can be. And the pain from having such a bowel movement with hemorroids can be so bad. I wish her luck and pain-free days and nights very soon!


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my first sign of anal cancer was constipation. i did not know what to do so did everything wrong and ripped my anus. i finally tried ( a nurse told me to) a fleet enema and it worked. so maybe this could help. after my surgery to do biopsy, i was told to take Kondremul at night and miralax during the day to keep things soft and moving. had to order the Kondremul from pharmacy. sorry she is having problems. sephie

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