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Update on Jennie

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She has been released from hospital and home health nurses are coming in to continue with IV antibiotics and other good stuff to continue to build her up.

Cyber Knife is still on for Thursday at 9 a.m. They will go after both brain mets.

She has been having difficulties with controling blood pressure and potassium in particular. But docs feel certain that once cyber knife is done and she can get off steroids she has had to take that will level out.

She said to tell you that all the prayers and good wishes are helping, because she is getting better.

She also asked me to tell Vicki and Peggy and all else who may be having a rough time right now to hold on and keep the faith. All will get thru this, like her, all it takes is time and patience!

As you can see, from what she asked me to share, our Jennie is her upbeat self and feels confident that all will be well with her.

Please take a moment tomorrow morning to say a prayer, wish her well, or whatever is your choice of support, that the surgery is successful and she is able to come back soonest.

Marie who loves kitties

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I'm praying for her, I'm sure that Jennie is going to beat the monster again she is a real fighter!
Hugs and prayers .

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Jennie, we're all rooting for you.

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... and all the best wishes for Jenny!!!

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Glad to hear that she's doing better and is still on for Cyberknife!

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Thanks for sharing that - glad she is home and things are still a go ahead.


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What an amazing person you are to even think about me right now. I am humbled and touched. Jennie please feel better. I am praying for you and know you are going to do just fine. I know you want the cyber knife done so this will be one more battle you win. We are all rooting for you. Much love Jennie. May God bless you always.

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When you talk to Jennie tell her I'm praying hard for her recovery. Also the best results on Thursday. She is a real trooper. Jeff

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best of luck, Jennie....just do the one and then be done.


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Thanks for the update. Jennie will be in my prayers tomorrow. I wish her well.

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I'm keeping her in my heart and wishing for great results on Thursday. Ann

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Thank you for the update, good to hear she's home and getting stronger.

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And thanks Marie for keepin my buds updated! I am feeling oh so much better. Next week after the "BIG STUFF" is done...I am gonna post sum funny weird crap that has happened over the past weeks. I shared sum with Doc and I know I left him scratching his head. This stuff can make you do weird things! I will post In a few days and let you know how Cyberknife went. Thanks for staying by my side.....I need you ALL!


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So glad you are feeling better and Cyberknife is still on schedule. I will be thinking about you tommorrow and I know everything will be OK! Take care and get some rest.

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Hey Jennie! Glad to see that you're well enough to post. :-) Wishing you well with Cyberknife tomorrow, you can do it!



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Glad to hear that you're home again, did you have that belated beer yet or are you NPO? Yeah, you did leave me scratching the noggin so hard that I got a new bald spot! Ain't never gonna get my long hair back at this rate!

Hugs and you'll be in my prayers until we hear from you again


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So thankful you are doing much better, Jennie! Prayers for you as you go through your cyberknife surgery. You are amazing like the Energizer bunny - you take a lickin' and keep on kickin'. I was worried about you. I couldn't get on here.


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is still on and that you are doing better!!!! Thinking of you, will be sending nothing but the best vibes your way.
Winter Marie

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And glad you're feeling better!


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Yeah! There you are! So good to seeing your beautiful face. Still praying.


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Thanks for sharing about Jennie...For sure prayers in the morning for her cyberknife, success and rapid healing...Art

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Thanks for the update Marie. Prayers will be said for sure.
i am in awe of our Jennie. What an inspiration.

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Thanks Marie -

Jennie - all my prayers are with you friend! Get on home and then on with the Cyber Knife. I'm thinking of you often.


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Thank you for the update- it is all moving so fast and I hope the rough patch you have been through settles quickly once the treatments are done. I look forward to hearing of the wierd and wonderful stuff you promise to share- not been seeing funny little green men due to the steroids I hope!?


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Wishing you nothing but the best but you already know that. Baby steps dear one, one day at a time...

Hugs and Love - Tina

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Hi Sweet Jennie,
One day at a time, we are here rooting for you and cheering you on.
thinking of you and praying for you.
I am waiting for the funny stuff you promissed
When you feel better I will do my Dutch Wooden Shoe dance for you.
Big Dutch Hugs,

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