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Need Help. My mom just diagonised with GallBladder Cancer Stage 4

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My mom has been sick for a couple of months now. Rapid weight lost, appetite loss, and on & off severe stomach and back pain. She had already seen her Dr. and a GI specialist which then scheduled an appointment for her in two weeks for a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Within a couple of days, we had to take her to LAC-USC county hospital's emergency room. The doctors noticed her heartrate was irregular,incredible high and focused on this other than her pain. She was admitted that night for observation and was diagonised having as A-Fib (affribillation) and acid reflux.

Her appointment with her GI went well. He stated The images for her colonoscoy showed no abnormalties,just a little inflammed; no cancer. Because the results didn't explain her symptoms he referred her to a cardiologist (for the A- Fib) and a endocrinologist because of her results of her blood works.

When she went to the endocrinologist, he said her thyroid was normal. But her liver test was high. And her cardiologist mentioned she did not have an A-Fib, but has occassioinal arythmia. Since both specialist were unable to diagonis her GI doctor made an appointment to get a CT Scan within 2 weeks.

She didn't even reach one week where on July 4 we had to take her to the ER at Huntington Memorial Pasadena. They did an ultrasound in her abdominal area and concluded that her Gall Bladder had to be removed.They admitted her and did another ultrasound. Early that morning a surgeon entered the room and annonced they found masses (tumors) in her liver and suggested that they be removed. My mother did another ultrasound and CT to locate the tumors.

The surgeon came in the next morning that they detected the masses in several areas in her body and was not able to operate. They wanted a biopsy to determined if it is cancer. They confirmed that she had gallbladder cancer. It spreaded throughout her lymph nodes in her back and neck and stomach outer lining. Surgery was not an option.

The first oncologist had givin her 3 months without chemo and 6 months with chemo. This Thursday is going to be her first chemo treatment (Gemzar & Cisiplatin). We got a 2nd option and choose him to treat our mother since he was more experienced, and compassionate. We felt he expressed more concerned and effort in treating our mother.
Although because it was stage 4 and that Gallbladder is such a rare cancer, the outcome of it all remained the same. But will try to make ordeal less painstaking.

My mom is a beautiful 57 year old woman who was very strong and maintained her health. She always taken good care of herself. In her lifetime she has never gotten seriously ill. For this this to be called cancer it was a shocker all to us.

If anyone out there has been diagnoss with this same cancer, please respond with your experiences & thoughts. My family wants to be aware of what we may encounter. Any suggestions, tips or any kind of help will be very much appreciated. You can also e-mail me @ evelynchan2004@yahoo.com or my sister @ casia2468@aol.com. Thank you

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Good luck to your mother.

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I am sorry to hear about your mom. Please go out to this thread on the boards: http://csn.cancer.org/node/234126

There are several stage 4 survivors on that thread. Including some who were unable to have surgery until they completed several rounds of chemo. (Be sure to read Lily's story.)

I know you feel like you've been punched in the gut. It's horrible to hear that your mom has gbc (or any cancer). Keep the hope and faith. And be organized - keep a notebook, get copies of all the tests, doc notes, etc. You will find that you will need to refer to the info regularly. Approach your mom's care as a project.

You mom is a person - not a statistic. Make sure that the docs know that and treat her as such.

You will both get excellent info from the other thread. It will help you both fight the fight.

All the best,


btw - do not give in to the thoughts in the second post. Unfortunately, not all stories are good. But, you need to draw strength and hope for the positive. My mom was diagnosed with stage 2 gbc and given 6 months. That was 16 months ago and after surgery, radiation, chemo, and 3 post-treatment scans, she is cancer free.

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Thanks for your reply, and no i'm not paying no attention to that 2nd response. I'm sorry but which board are you talking about.. I went to that address and it's bringing me to this page.. Evelyn

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